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After-sales Service
Our after-sales service starts after delivery
Within One-Week of Receipt
Send Emails to notify customers to check our products if there is any damage, quality problems, or missing products.
Within Two-Week of Receipt
Ask customers about the availability of products and inform them that we will always pay attention to the sales situation and whether they need support and help.
After products on the shelf about two-months
Start to check the reviews of the product, and communicate with customers on the problems in the reviews and provide improvement plans. If the sales volume and evaluation are good, then we will ask the customer about the sales growth rate to anticipate the customer's inventory consumption rate, and remind the customer to stock up in advance.
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Business Partners
We built a designer team from qualified and creative professionals who can develop more and more new products based on new requirements of customers. Welcome to contact us for your exclusive solution.

About Products Problem

Quality Problems

Provide solutions first, then find out reasons. Find out where the quality problem is:

1. Factory: The factory will assist us in solving problems for customers with compensation for goods or monetary compensation.

2. Transport: The freight forwarder will assist us in solving the problem.

3. Our own inspectors will inspect every batch of goods that can be inspected, and try to solve the problems before shipping overseas. For important orders, we will inspect them during the production process to find out and solve the problem in time.

Quantity Problem

General customers will accept the quantity of overfill or short. But if the customer does not accept it, we must make up the number. We can discuss with the customer to fill in the next order, but the amount must be paid.

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