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Why do we Conduct Coffee Cup Testing?

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First of all, we should figure out the definition of cupping. So, what is cupping? Cupping is the most direct method for judging coffee flavor and characteristics. Cupping is like choosing red wine to objectively and overall judge the sweetness, sourness, bitterness, aftertaste and aroma, and quality of coffee. Generally, we will finish the cup test before making a new bean. Secondly, as we have various cups for drinking coffee, such as espresso glass cups, 8oz coffee cup, insulated drinking glasses, baby drinking cup, smoothie cups with lids and straws, metal drinking cups, etc., is there any requirement for the selection of cup in cup test? It will be answered below.



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Why do we Cup?

1. We can determine the best roasting degree for a bean. Each bean has three curves with different roasting levels, and the best roasting curve is found through cup testing.


2. We can get the analysis and evaluation of samples. Baristas or other people who need to taste coffee beans continuously taste a large number of coffee samples in a short period of time and evaluate them in various aspects. For the roaster, the "cup test" is a process of constantly thinking about how to adjust the roasting data and the process of confirming the roasting method. For the barista, you can test the blending ratio of coffee samples through the "cup test". Then, they can formulate the best extraction formula.



Cupping Method

(1) The baking time requirement: 8 to 12 minutes, no burnt.


(2) The ratio of water to coffee powder is 1:19-1:21.


(3) Regulation of grinding thickness: sieving through No. 20 screen or hand punching.


(4) The dry fragrance must be tested within 15 minutes after grinding.


(5) Water quality regulations: total dissolved solids 125~175 ppm.


(6) The injection water temperature is 93℃.


If there is a problem with the cup, you can consider factors such as the freshness of the coffee beans, the problem of coffee brewing, and the water quality of the coffee.



Cupping Principles and Etiquette

Cupping principles: Pay attention to hygiene and comity first.


Cupping etiquette:

1. Please do not spray perfume when participating in the cup test.


2. When smelling the dry aroma, try not to pick up the cup and shake the coffee powder. This will cause the coffee flavor to lose too quickly, which will affect the objectivity of the cup measurement.


3. Do not have two cupping spoons in a cupping bowl at the same time, and do not use the spoon to knock on the table, so after washing the cupping spoon, lightly dip it on the paper towel.


4. Please keep quiet during the cup test and try to restrain the urge to share your sensory experience, so as not to affect the judgment of others. The cup test is actually a coffee cup test. Of course, the test is not the material of the cup, but the quality of the coffee in the cup! Because of the cup test, the cup tester certification promoted by the SCAA Specialty Coffee Association in the United States was born. The "cup tester" is to check the quality of coffee beans and define the flavor and price of coffee.


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