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Why Do We Clean the Coffee Machine Regularly?

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A question often asked in the coffee industry is: How often should the coffee maker machine be cleaned? The answers are varied. But does anyone really know the answer to this question? These answers are not supported by public research. Do you know the relationship between the cleaning frequency of an espresso coffee machine and the taste of coffee? Factors that may affect the taste of coffee are: the quality and consistency of the quality of the coffee beans after roasting, the barista's technique and the consistency of the technique, the amount of coffee used, the degree of coffee grinding, the ratio of coffee to water, and the extraction time, the competence and reliability of the cup judges, and the performance of espresso coffee maker.


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Reasons to Clean the Coffee Machine


1. Coffee beans contain a lot of fat and protein, which are nutritious and easy to deteriorate.


2. Most of the residues in the coffee and espresso maker are solid residues, which are suitable for bacterial growth.


3. If the coffee residue is not cleaned in time, it will easily block the filter after drying. It is best to clean the automatic espresso machine before and after each use. Generally, a fully automatic coffee machine has professional cleaning tools or cleaning agents, which can easily clean the dead corners of the coffee machine. Only by paying attention to food safety and hygiene can we ensure our health.


The espresso machine is a kind of coffee machine that is more suitable for home use. Now many families will buy a suitable coffee machine at home. Because people don't want to go out to buy coffee during their rest time, and the taste of instant coffee is not as strong as that of the coffee machine, so a home coffee machine with grinder is very necessary. But people need to clean it in time after using the espresso machine. Below I will introduce the steps for cleaning the espresso machine.


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Cleaning Steps of Espresso Machine


The cleaning of the coffee machine is very important. In general, the machine is cleaned regularly, and the cleaning of the espresso machine is no exception. If the home espresso maker can be cleaned from time to time, it can not only better maintain the machine and extend its service life, but also improve or guarantee the quality of the coffee produced. In general, the daily cleaning and maintenance of espresso machines are mainly recoiling and removing some machine parts including stainless steel colander and coffee bean grinder for soaking.


The so-called backflushing is a way to clean the water circuit of the coffee by using the pressure generated by the coffee machine itself and the cleaning powder. Blind bowls can be used for recoil, that is, filter bowls without flushing eyes on the bowl handle. Close the eyelet of the single-serve powder bowl, put the powder in the powder bowl, and then put the handle back into the coffee machine. Because it is a blind bowl, the water will not flow out, and the hot water that flows out will dissolve the powder. Due to the pressure, the water will partly flow back into the pipeline, so that the powder will backwash into the pipeline and play a role in cleaning the pipeline.


When cleaning the coffee residue from the brewing head, you can separate the water filter and the copper block on the brewing head. The water filter is the part that directly touches the coffee powder every time you brew coffee. Because the coffee powder is compressed, the coffee liquid will flow out of the powder bowl only when it is pressed to a certain extent. Therefore, before it oozes, the coffee liquid may still flow back, and there may be some coffee residues in the water filter. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it may affect the taste of the coffee, and it is also very unhygienic.


Put all the detachable parts in the powder water to soak, including the water filter, the copper block, the handle, the powder bowl, the steam pipe head and so on. The second is the cleaning of the sink.


Therefore, in order for people to enjoy coffee better, it is best to clean it according to the steps in the article.

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