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Why Do Chinese Old Men Like Mugs?

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Chinese people and thermos bottle for tea have a long history. Let's continue to learn about this interesting story.


70-1-printed thermos flask

The Heritage of the Compound

What makes today's middle-aged and elderly people like to drink hot water and keep warm cups is the socialist courtyard life established in the 1950s.


The courtyard has created a kind of community that has never been seen in Chinese history. It is highly closed and highly collectivized. No matter whether it takes on the role of organ, army, factory or commune, the food, clothing, housing and transportation of the staff and their families in the courtyard are almost all arranged by itself. Workers work in the same factory, eat in the same canteen, return to the same dormitory after work, and children go to the same nursery and school. The problem of their drinking water is also directly concerned by the organization.


Since the 1930s, the Communist Party of China began to publicize drinking boiled water with its own hot tea flask in the mass health campaign. The Patriotic Health Campaign in the 1950s brought mass health education to its peak. Since then, "drinking boiled water" has become a political slogan throughout the country.


As a result, the factory provided thermos water bottle for workshop workers, and the office units provided thermos bottles for office workers. Each family in the courtyard is given a water ticket, and the boiled water is supplied at a fixed time every day, and the thermos bottle is taken home to ensure a day's domestic water supply.


The book on training kindergarten teachers in 1959 directly introduced the experience, saying that "we should give our children boiled water, develop the habit of drinking hot boiled water, and ensure that they drink it three times a day.". The children who were in the middle class of kindergartens have retired for two or three years this year. Most of the places where they started to work are also a socialist compound.



lined thermos

Development of Thermos Pot

Along with the supply of boiling water in the courtyard, the thermos industry was booming. From the 1950s to the mid-1990s, best insulated thermos basically monopolized the meaning of the word "glass insulated bottle ", and the production volume increased steadily.


The official response to the drinking water policy is so strong that the thermo flask bottle has gradually become a sign of political correctness and progress.


Grassroots cadres often report their health work achievements to their superiors with the rate of unbreakable thermos flask ownership. Farmers who have little access to boiling water like to use hot vacuum flask as dowry when they get married. In the early days of rural public canteens supplying boiling water for a short time, researchers investigated five agricultural cooperatives in five counties of Hebei and Shandong, and found that four of them had more water bottles than flashlights.


But until 1995, the sales of thermos cups did not exceed 10 million, less than a fraction of thermos bottles. But its spring is coming.


In 1997, the national output of thermos bottles was 266 million. A year later, it dropped to 187 million. In 1999, the number decreased by about 10 million. Since then, it is no longer listed as a single production statistics.


However, the glass thermos, which was mainly used to refer to thermos bottles two years ago, did not decline. In 1997, it was 324 million, and a year later, affected by thermos bottles, it also decreased by 50 million; but in 1999, it rapidly recovered to 318 million; by 2008, the output exceeded 600 million. Behind this is the rise of the thermos cup.

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