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Why Do Chinese Old Men Like Mugs?(1)

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Thermocafe flask symbolizes the history of a generation of Chinese people, who can not do without hot water.


Today, most of the people who drink from a best thermos for tea are old people. So a lot of people joke that if you think you're young, don't drink from a thermal flask bottle.


However, most middle-aged and elderly people in China don't have wolfberry in their steel thermos flask, and many of them don't even have tea. The reason why they hold thermos ultimate flask is that they can't do without hot water. Their passion for hot water is so strong that before the Chinese tour group leaves the country, the tour guide always reminds the middle-aged and old-age tourists in the group again and again: "foreign restaurants may not be able to provide you with hot water. Please don't be surprised. Therefore, if you go abroad, you'd better bring your own large thermos for hot drinks.



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It's Not Traditional to Drink Only Hot Water

China is a country with a tradition of drinking hot water, so many people think that Chinese people traditionally only drink hot water. There are two reasons. One is that Chinese people like to drink hot tea; the other is that traditional Chinese medicine is not "cold".


But that's not true. Although China has a tradition of drinking hot water, it also has a long tradition of cold drinking. As early as the pre Qin Dynasty, there were officials in charge of ice for the court. With the reduction of ice storage costs, cold drinks gradually spread to the public. In the Northern Song Dynasty, "Tokyo Menghua Lu" recorded vendors selling "ice, snow and cold water". By the middle of the Qing Dynasty, the ice storage capacity of the official ice cellar alone was several times higher than that of the Song Dynasty.


The traditional Chinese tea drinking is not always hot tea. At least since the Song Dynasty, there has been "iced tea" enjoyed by officials in summer.


Chinese medicine does avoid "cold", especially in gynecological problems.The "cold" food often means serious consequences. But in fact, these requirements of traditional Chinese medicine are that the human body should not eat stimulating food when the human body is fragile. There is no lack of such content in traditional medicine of all countries, and traditional Chinese medicine is not special.



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Health Habits Passed on

The first Chinese who only drank boiled water were trained by Westerners who came to China in modern times. At that time, there was an epidemic, the death toll was very high and the losses were very heavy. But the epidemic is rampant, precisely because the Chinese community health conditions are too bad.


In order to develop good health habits, that is to train the first batch of Chinese people to drink hot water. However, this group of hot water enthusiasts is different from us with insulated food flask today. They drink hot water, which is often used to make various drinks introduced from the West.


Moreover, at that time, the propaganda about hot water was always related to the specific epidemic situation. Most of the citizens who accepted the hot water were able to tell the truth. Unlike today's middle-aged and elderly people, they just stubbornly used glass vacuum flask or thermos teapot to hold hot water.


However, this group of hot water enthusiasts accounts for a small proportion of the national population, and it is not the basis for the development of the majority of best water thermos enthusiasts later.


There is also a modern historical story about hot water drinking, which we will continue to explain.

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