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What is healthy water?

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Healthy and safe water can enhance human immunity and promote cell metabolism. The diseased cells in the body lose the conditions for malignant transformation and the spread of toxins. The probability of people getting sick will naturally decrease; therefore, people who are concerned about seeking medical treatment At the same time, we must replenish good health water and strive to create a healthy living environment for cells. Therefore, cherish health, please pay attention to healthy drinking water first! But what are the characteristics of healthy water? Are thermal water bottle, paper-plastic water cups, plastic water cups, glass water bottle, etc. healthy water containers?


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What is healthy water

1. Non-toxic, sterile, no pollutants, no harmful substances. There must be no residual chlorine, rust, sediment, bloodworms, heavy metals, organic compounds and other toxic and harmful substances in the water.


2. The right amount of oxygen, good taste, can be directly drunk. Water in nature is flowing "living water", not static "dead water". Flowing water is active water with vitality. This kind of water and oxygen is sufficient and beneficial to life. The oxygen standard of good water is (about 5mg/L).


3. The hardness of water is moderate. The total hardness of water is the content of calcium and magnesium ions in the water. Our national standard is ≤450mg/L.


4. The total solubility of water (mineral trace elements) is moderate. The total solubility of solid TDS refers to the total amount of various minerals in the water. TDS is used to measure all minerals in drinking water. TDS includes not only calcium and magnesium, but also zinc, potassium, sodium, selenium, etc. The limit standard of total dissolved solids in my country's "Sanitary Standards for Drinking Water" is 1000mg/L.


5. The pH value of the water is weakly alkaline. It is medically proven that the body fluids are internally alkaline and externally acidic. The skin of the human body is weakly acidic. In a healthy human body, the blood PH value is between 7.35 and 7.45, the bile pH is 7.4, and the islet pH is 7.8-8.4; if the body fluids tend to be acidic, the function of human cells will be worse. , Waste is not easy to be discharged, the burden on the kidneys and liver will increase, the metabolism will be slow, the function of various organs will be weakened, and it will be easy to get sick. People with acidic physique get tired easily and accelerate aging.


6. The molecular cluster of water should be small. The most representative water that is beneficial to the body is weakly alkaline small molecular cluster water. After people drink weakly alkaline water with small molecules, fat will be broken down. Because the weakly alkaline small molecular cluster water is very close to body fluids. Moreover, when the water molecule group is small, the activities of the microorganisms in the intestine will become more active and the nutrient metabolism will be more vigorous.


7. Water has strong physiological functions. Good water has strong physiological functions. It must have penetration, dissolution, metabolism, and so on. This is also very important.


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