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What are the common coffee processing methods?

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What is coffee processing? Is it the process of grinding coffee beans into coffee powder with coffee espresso machines such as coffee maker grinder, automatic programmable coffee maker, and small household coffee grinder? In fact, the coffee processing method refers to the process of "coffee fruit turning into green coffee beans". Let us take a look at the common processing methods.


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Common coffee processing methods


1. Solarization (natural drying)

The sun exposure method of St. Felisa Manor is called Natural 22, because only ripe cherries with a sugar content of 22% (tested by brix meter) are harvested. After harvesting, they are washed and selected, and then placed directly on an African-style shelf. The sun exposure period lasts for about 15 days, and the sun exposure will be completed when the moisture content drops to 12%.


2. Traditional washing method

Wash, peel, dry ferment, wash, and sun dry with ripe coffee cherries, and dry for eight days in a solarium. The moisture content is reduced from 55% to 11%, and the entire washing and drying operation is completed.


3. Soaking in water before and after washing method

This method is very special. First select the ripe coffee cherries, wash them, soak them in a clean water tank for 16 hours, and then go through the processing steps of the traditional water washing method, including peeling and fermentation (dry fermentation), and the fermentation is completed. Wash it again, then soak it in a clean sink for eighteen hours, then wash it, and place it on an African scaffold for sun drying.


4. PN method

The ripe coffee cherries are harvested and washed, only the peel is removed, the shelled beans are not scrubbed, leaving all the sticky layer, and then sent to the sun yard for drying. This is a honey treatment method with more sticky layers. Observing the surface of the shelled beans, the color is the darker among the three honey treatment methods.


5. Tangerine treatment method

Harvest the ripe coffee cherries and soak them in a clean sink for one night after washing. The next day to remove the peels, because the coffee peels and the sticky layer inside are easy to remove, but the sticky layer Part of the ingredients will also be adsorbed on the thin shell. Although the color is lighter than the aforementioned honey treatment, it is a bit darker than the white honey treatment, and it also forms a distinctive flavor.


6. White honey treatment method

The ripe coffee cherries are harvested, washed and peeled directly, and then a small amount of water and equipment are used to scrub the mucilage layer on the surface of the shelled beans. This honey treatment method is one of the three honey treatment methods in the St. Felisa Manor The one that leaves the least viscous layer is different in flavor from the aforementioned two honey treatments, and is closer to the traditional washing method, with more changes in the combination of sweetness and acidity.


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