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What are the Effects of Different Coffee Cups on Health?

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In daily life, the most common materials for coffee cups are ceramic cups, stainless steel cups, plastic coffee cups and paper cups. Among these types of cups, ceramic cups with a strong texture are the most popular among coffee lovers. Let's talk about the characteristics of different coffee cups and their impact on human health.



30-1-8oz coffee cup

Stainless Steel Coffee Cup

The metal elements contained in the constituents are usually relatively stable, but they may dissolve in an acidic environment. It is not safe to drink coffee, orange juice and other acidic beverages. Therefore, it is best to finish the coffee when using a stainless-steel drinking cup.



Paper Coffee Cup

Disposable paper cups only look hygienic and convenient. In fact, the qualified rate of the product cannot be judged. Whether it is clean and hygienic cannot be distinguished by the naked eye. In order to make the cup look whiter, some paper cup manufacturers increase the number of wholesale tableware and add a large amount of fluorescent whitening agent. It is this fluorescent substance that can cause cell mutations. And once it enters the human body, it will become a potential carcinogen. This kind of cup is slowly being replaced by food grade plastic cups and ceramic cups in the coffee industry, such as plastic margarita cups, custom plastic wine glasses, plastic iced coffee cups, plastic smoothie cups with lids and so on.



Plastic Coffee Cup

When some plastic cups are filled with hot water or coffee, toxic chemicals are easily diluted into the water. In addition, the internal microstructure of plastic has many pores where dirt is hidden. For this reason, when purchasing a plastic coffee cup, it is recommended to choose a PP material cup with better heat resistance and a "5" on the bottom of the cup.



Multicolored Coffee Cups

Colorful cups are very attractive, but when the cup is filled with boiled water or drinks with high acidity and alkalinity, the lead and other toxic heavy metal elements in these pigments are easily dissolved in the liquid. People drink liquids with chemical substances which will cause harm to the human body. Therefore, this kind of cup is not recommended for holding coffee.



30-2-8oz coffee cup

Glass Coffee Cup

Among the cups of all materials, the glass is the healthiest. The glass does not contain organic chemicals during the firing process. When people use the glass, they don’t have to worry about the chemicals being drunk into their stomachs, and the glass surface is smooth and easy to clean. So, the glass is the healthiest and safest for drinking water. However, because the heat resistance of the glass cup is not as good as that of the ceramic cup, the glass cup is mostly used for iced coffee.



Ceramic Coffee Cup

For coffee, ceramic cups without colored glaze are preferred. Not only is the material safe, but it also has a relatively good insulation effect. Drinking coffee or tea is a good choice. In addition, among the ceramic cups, bone china cups are the most suitable for holding coffee. Because bone china cups are made of high-grade china clay, they have the characteristics of light texture, soft color, high density, and good heat preservation, which can make the coffee better in the cup.



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