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What Type of Teapot Makes the Best Tea?

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Do you prefer tea to coffee? One in two Americans drinks tea every day, but choosing the best ceramic teapot with infuser is a challenge for them, so most tea lovers have more than one teapot. One is what they use every day, the other is what they keep for special occasions.



49-1 green teapot with infuser

What Material Should Be Used for Teapot?


Different teapots can be made from different materials according to the country of origin, customs, and rituals. The following are the most common types of teapots:


Transparent glass teapots are usually very elegant and delicate because you can see the tea scenery inside the teapot. The glass used in most teapots is very strong, which will not crack because of the heat of hot water but the insulation effect is not good.

Traditional Japanese loose-leaf teapots with strainer are made of cast iron with an inner coating to prevent rust. They are heavy but can keep warm for a long time, so everyone who likes to drink tea will have a cast iron teapot.

Pottery teapots are a kind of teapots traditionally used in China, which are the ideal choice for Chinese black tea and oolong tea. It is known that Yixing clay large loose-leaf teapots are made of clay from Yixing, Jiangsu Province, Eastern China., which absorb a small amount of tea during brewing, so they can "remember" the aroma by retaining the flavor and color. If your teapot is made of pottery instead of Yixing clay, it is recommended that you can keep one teapot for each tea.

Porcelain herbal tea infuser teapot is one of the most precious teapots because of its no hole feature can keep the tea temperature constant for a long time, which can be cleaned easily. Therefore, porcelain green teapots with infuser can be used for any type of tea, especially green tea and white tea.



49-2best ceramic teapot with infuser

How to Choose A Teapot?


It's not easy to choose a teapot because it depends on its purpose, such as how many people will drink tea? Do you drink tea in the morning, afternoon, or evening? The ceremony of tea ceremony in some countries is very strong and the best glass teapot is the core part of it.


Small teapots with infuser have different shapes and the typical ones are Japanese nail teapots, which have a big body and a high carrying handle. Besides, they typically have dimples, large openings, and filters, which is a perfect container for Asian teas, such as oolong or green tea.

Compact teapots are dedicated to saving space, so they usually come with some handles to minimize storage space.

Stainless steel teapots with infuser can also be upright, round, or just traditional, which are depending on the style and quantity you want.


The newly bought teapot can be infused with tea and brewed several times with boiling water before use because some vendors may make up the teapot in advance, which can completely remove the residual sand in the teapot with strainer inside.

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