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What Is a Capsule Coffee Machine?

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Capsule coffee machine can be understood as two parts of capsule and coffee machine. The capsule is a raw material, similar to the instant coffee in a bag that we often drink, but it may be a bit more advanced.


The coffee machine used in this capsule is not the same as the traditional coffee machine. It is equivalent to an advanced steel water bottle designed for coffee. When used with the capsule, a cup of coffee can be made in a few minutes.


Generally, the conventional coffee cups that we are familiar with mainly include cold brew coffee maker, drip filter coffee machine, aeropress coffee maker and automatic coffee machine. But we don't know much about the capsule coffee machine. In this article, we will get to know this coffee machine together.


The capsule coffee machine is a new type of coffee machine that has appeared in recent years. The capsule coffee machine is a kind of coffee machine, which makes the operation of extracting coffee more simple and convenient. When operating the machine, you can put the coffee capsule in the capsule compartment to extract coffee with one button. Compared with the semi-automatic coffee machine and the fully automatic coffee machine using coffee powder, the operation of the capsule coffee machine is very simple.


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Advantages of Capsule Coffee Machine


The automatic coffee maker needs to complete the whole process of grinding, pressing and brewing, so the machine is more complicated. But the beans do not need to be processed in advance, so the cost of a single cup is cheaper. Frequent cleaning is required during use. If you need to make good coffee, you must be able to adjust the machine.


The capsule coffee machine uses pre-pressed coffee cakes (capsules) only to complete the brewing process. The machine is simpler, but the cost per cup is higher. The machine does not need to be adjusted, the operation is simple, and the cleaning is easier.


First of all, the multi capsule coffee machine must be suitable for home use. The drink for yourself must be good. The advantage of fully automatic machines is convenience. You just put the beans or flour in the machine. It is precisely because of its convenience that it has its fatal shortcomings. After the coffee beans or coffee powder are opened, the freshness period is only 3 days or 24 hours. The disadvantage is that the machine is expensive and the coffee quality is not guaranteed. Only the freshness of the first cup of coffee can be guaranteed.


14-1-Capsule coffee machine

The advantages of the capsule machine are its convenience and low price, which guarantees the freshness of every cup of coffee that everyone drinks. The disadvantage is that the cost of the current capsule is a bit high. The capsules are individually packaged, filled with nitrogen, and sealed in aluminum pouch. Every cup is fresh every time you open it. So it is called space food and space-time capsule. Because it can traverse 2 years, it can reach the distance of the International Space Station.


A capsule coffee machine can complete the work of the entire bar, changing the entire history of coffee making. It is a good helper for cafes, bars, restaurants, offices, conference rooms, exhibition venues, and families.

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