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What Do You Know about Tea Sets?

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As the saying goes, "if you want to do a good job, you must sharpen the utensils at first.". Therefore, a cup of tea is absolutely indispensable to the existence of the right tea mug infuser set. The utensils for making tea can be divided into three categories: cover bowl, pot, and cup, while it can also be divided into three categories according to materials: porcelain tea set, clay tea set, and glass tea set.



50-1 tea mug infuser set

From the Perspective of Materials


Porcelain Tea Set


Features: fine soil, high sintering temperature, thin tire, crisp knocking sound, smooth and compact surface, no water absorption, no smell absorption, high density, fast heat transfer.

Advantages: fast heat transfer, no aroma absorption.

Suitable tea types: white tea, oolong tea, black tea, black tea, Pu'er tea, green tea.


Pottery Tea Set


Features: strong sense of soil sand, low sintering degree, thick tire, dull knocking sound, easy to absorb water and smell, low density, slow heat transfer.

Advantage: tea soup and some mineral elements in the clay will react, resulting in the mellow charm of tea more prominent.

Representative: dark-red enameled pottery tea set

Suitable tea types: Honey Scented black tea, Wuyi rock tea, Taiwan Oolong tea and Pu'er tea.


Glass Tea Set


advantage: observe the type of tea clearly, appreciate the stretching state and the beauty of tea.

Suitable tea types: green tea, yellow tea, flower tea.



From the Shape


Versatile Tea Set: Cover Bowl


The cover bowl is usually made of porcelain, which also contains a small amount of glass and clay. The most common one is suitable for making any kind of tea. When making green tea, yellow tea, or white tea with tender buds and leaves, it should not take the way of stew but let it out of the soup quickly. The white porcelain bowl can also clearly observe the soup color and golden ring of black tea.


50-2 small teapot with infuser

Novice Class: Pot


There are two major differences between a teapot with infuser basket and a covered bowl:


Differences in aroma accumulation: The small teapot with infuser is large and adductive, so it can gather and retain the fragrance of tea better, while the cover bowl is open-ended, so it is easy to emit tea aroma.

Speed of water outlet: The water outlet of the cover bowl is easy to control and the speed is fast, so it is suitable for tea with short soaking time, while the water outlet speed of the stainless-steel teapot with infuser is relatively slow, so it is suitable for soaking tea for a long time.


The Most Simple and Convenient: Cup


The loose-leaf tea cup is the most simple and convenient tea set, most of which are made of glasses. In terms of cost performance, popularity, and adaptability, green tea brewed in glass is the most suitable partner.


The thermos cup flask can make tea, but it is not the most suitable method because it uses a stainless-steel liner, which can be used to hold coffee and maintain a constant temperature. However, the tea flask cup will make the tea soak in the superheated water for a long time, so the soluble components will be dissolved in a large amount at the first brewing, which will not only damage the flavor of the tea, but also damage its nutritional value.


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