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What Do You Know About Tea Making Techniques?

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Have you ever brewed a good tea into bitter taste, low aroma, and even make people doubt the value of this tea? But some people can make the best of ordinary tea, which is not a simple thing. The action of making tea seems simple but is not easy in fact. Moreover, the taste of tea made by two people with 99% similarity in action is often quite different.



45-1 teapot with strainer

Water Quality


Making a pot of good tea requires high quality of water, so the natural and pollution-free spring water is generally used. However, if subject to conditions, you can also choose spring or mineral water.



Scalding Pot


Careful people must know that everyone will use boiling hot water to scald the teapot with strainer before brewing tea, which is commonly known as hot pot. This method can not only remove the stale taste of the best teapot with infuser, but also enhance the aroma of tea by increasing the temperature of the ceramic teapot with infuser.



Warm Cup


What should be done after scalding the teapot for loose tea is to pour the hot water into the loose-leaf tea cup and the best tea infuser, which is called warm cup. This step helps to maintain the aroma and temperature of the tea, thereby reducing the chance of astringency.



Brewing Tea


In the process of making tea, infusing tea is a very particular link. Generally speaking, people will raise the kettle to a higher position, which can not only make tea and boiling water better blend but also make the tea tasting fragrant.



Pour Tea


After brewing, all you need to do is taste tea. Before that, you need to pour the tea into the glass tea cup with infuser. Different from brewing tea, you should pour the tea into the tea cup with strainer and lid as low as possible, which can prevent the tea from splashing out of the tea cup with strainer and keep the temperature of the tea better.



45-2 best teapot with infuser

Smell Fragrance


Tea culture attaches great importance to details, so you should smell the tea before drinking it, which is not a simple procedure but a kind of piety and respect for the extensive and profound tea culture.


In addition, there are still two things to pay attention to in the whole process of making tea.

For the quantity of tea, different kinds of tea have different regulations. The volume of Oolong tea should be about 1 / 3 and the time for soup should be about 10 seconds; the quantity of green tea should account for 1 / 4 of the total volume and the time of soup making should be 25 seconds; the time of Pu'er tea should be analyzed according to specific conditions.

We should pay attention to the different tea-tasting time according to the type of tea. For example, in order not to let the old taste affect the natural taste of tea, we need to spend more time washing tea, which is equivalent to doubling the time of making a cup of tea. The second tea soup is worth tasting and the first one should be discarded. For this kind of aged tea, the first brewing can remove the old taste, but it should be noted that the second brewing time should be shorter.


Tea drinking culture has a long history and tea is rich in many nutrients needed by the human body, especially tea polyphenols, which have the effect of anti-cancer and anti-cancer, so drinking tea is good for the body.

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