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What Are the Operating Methods and Processes of the Italian Coffee Machine?

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Many coffee lovers now choose cold brew coffee maker or espresso coffee machine with grinder to make coffee at home. Regarding the use of espresso coffee maker, this is an issue of great concern to everyone.


18-2-semi automatic coffee machine

In 1901, Italian Milan engineer Luigi Bezzera invented the espresso machine. The Italian espresso machine is a machine that uses high temperature and pressure to quickly make coffee. The coffee it makes is called Espresso, which is the essence of a cup of coffee, with a small amount and a strong taste.


The espresso machine is divided into single boiler heat exchange type, double boiler type and multiple boiler type according to the boiler type. According to the operation mode, it can be roughly divided into manual, automatic, semi-automatic, fully automatic and other types. And professional coffee business places mostly use automatic espresso machine and semi automatic coffee machine. So professional baristas mainly learn how to use these two coffee machines.


The automatic coffee machine can set the flow and time of brewing coffee through its electric control panel, and the smart espresso machine can also adjust the water pressure, boiler pressure, water temperature, etc. through the electric control panel. Compared with automatic coffee machines, semi-automatic coffee machines require the barista to control the flow and time of water for brewing coffee. The World Barista Competition (WBC) also requires the operation of the barista to control the flow and time of water for brewing coffee.


18-1-espresso coffee machine with grinder

Operation Method and Process


Turn the power switch of the coffee machine to the heating position every morning to heat the coffee machine. Confirm that the power indicator light is on, and hang the two filter handles on the coffee faucet of the machine.


Pour the coffee beans into the bean tank of the coffee bean grinder and pour out only the amount of beans needed for the day. Re-seal the remaining coffee beans and store them in a dry room temperature environment.


About fifteen minutes later, the pressure gauge on the coffee machine reached the set position, indicating that the machine has been heated and ready for use.


To ensure that high-quality coffee drinks can be made, turn on the coffee switch before making coffee and release about 5 ounces of water from each of the two taps. And release some steam and hot water from the steam pipe and hot water pipe on both sides to make the coffee machine fully heat up for another ten minutes.


Turn on the power of the grinder to grind the coffee beans. Do not grind too much powder in advance to avoid the loss of coffee powder aroma.


Hold the filter handle with your left hand and turn to the left to remove the handle, and insert the handle under the grinder. Pull the powder dial handle with the right hand.


Tap the edge of the filter with the small end of the hand-held powder press to flatten the powder, and then press the powder with the large end vertically downward. Then tap the edge of the filter with the small end and use the big end to press the powder a second time.


Wipe off the remaining powder on the edge of the reusable coffee strainer by hand, first turn on the coffee switch to release hot water for 3 seconds, and then hang the handle on the faucet of the machine, turn it to the right and lock it.


Take the coffee cup from the warm cup board on the top of the machine and place it under the water outlet of the faucet, and press the corresponding coffee button on the panel.


After the coffee is ready, turn the handle and knock the coffee grounds into the ground bucket, wipe the filter with a brush or clean cloth, and buckle the handle on the faucet to preheat and keep warm.


According to the above-mentioned espresso machine operation method and process, you will be able to taste the mellow aroma of homemade coffee.

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