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What Are the Maintenance Guidelines for the Coffee Machine?

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It is very necessary to clean the coffee maker machine with grinder. Before cleaning, you should look at the cleaning product recommendations given by the espresso coffee machine manufacturer. Because if the coffee machine uses the wrong cleaning product, it may cause damage to the machine and accumulation of dirt. And you have to pay attention to see if you need all the cleaning products. For example, if the water you use does not have hard water, you may not need a descaling product.


In addition, the cleaning methods of different coffee machines are not exactly the same. In fact, the most commonly seen coffee machines in our lives mainly include commercial coffee makers, home coffee maker, semi automatic espresso machine and fully automatic coffee machine.


7-1-offee maker machine with grinder

Daily Cleaning


1. Wash the brewing head/brake handle of the coffee machine.


After every coffee extraction is completed, remove the coffee handle and pour out the coffee grounds. Turn on the cleaning switch, insert the coffee handle, use the coffee machine pressure to push hot water out of the cleaning brewing head, and at the same time clean the coffee handle.


After every coffee extraction is completed, turn on the cleaning switch, and use hot water to leave the coffee grounds in the brewing head, the coffee colander with handle and the outer edge of the filter.


If you do not need to extract coffee, rinse the coffee handle and insert it back into the coffee brewing head to keep it warm. After the daily work, use the head brush to clean the brewing head water divider and the brewing head rubber ring to remove coffee grounds.


2. Steam nozzle (steam wand) cleaning.


After using the steam jet to make milk foam, wipe it with a clean damp cloth and the steam jet. And open the steam valve for 2 seconds, and use the impulse and high temperature of the steam itself to flush the residual milk dirt in the air jet hole to maintain the air jet hole smooth.


If there are residual milk crystals on the steam nozzle, soak the steam nozzle in hot water for ten minutes to soften the residual crystals in the steam hole and on the steam nozzle. After soaking, open the steam valve to check whether the steam nozzle is unblocked.


3. Clean the drain pan.


After using the machine, remove the drain pan, wipe it with clean water, and then reinstall it for use.


4. Clean the drain tank.


After removing the drain pan, use a damp cloth to remove the sediment in the drain tank, and then rinse with hot water to keep the drain pipe unblocked. If the drainage is poor, pour a small spoonful of coffee machine special cleaning powder into the drain tank, soak it in hot water for five minutes to dissolve the coffee residue oil in the drain pipe, and then clean it.


5. Clean the outside of the coffee machine.


Wipe the exterior of the fuselage with a clean damp cloth every day. For example, when wiping with a detergent, use a mild and non-corrosive detergent to evenly penetrate into the damp cloth and then wipe the fuselage. The rag should not be too wet to prevent short circuit caused by erosion of the wires. This applies to commercial automatic coffee machines and office coffee machines.


7-2-semi automatic espresso machine

Regular Maintenance


Do maintenance at least once a year to check whether the small parts inside the coffee machine are aging. Before aging, the steam and hot water valve or sealing ring, shoulder bolt gasket, expansion valve (parts to prevent water leakage and temperature reduction), suction valve, brewing head bearing, drain pipe and handle powder bowl should be replaced in time.


Although replacing parts will pay a relative cost, it can make yourstainless steel coffee maker have a longer service life, more stable coffee quality, and can make your business longer.


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