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The wolfberry in the Thermos Cup Has Various Collocations

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In our daily life, the most common health food we eat is wolfberry, and in winter, it is the most suitable time to raise liver and kidney. So today, for you to recommend some clever collocation of wolfberry, the function is very powerful. We quickly picked up the 1 litre thermos flask to try it!



68-1-vacuum cup

Chinese Wolfberry with Jujube

Ingredients: jujube 10g, medlar 8g.



1. Put the jujube into the pot and stir fry for about 10 minutes over medium heat until the skin color of the jujube gradually darkens.


2. Pour it out and put it in a dish. Cool it thoroughly before use. The extra can be packed in a sealed container for later use.


3. Put the cold jujube, together with the washed wolfberry, into the thermos tea bottle.


4. Add appropriate amount of rock sugar, and then add hot water. The amount of rock sugar can be put according to your own taste.


5. Cover the lid of a thermos teapot, simmer for about 5 minutes, then pour it out.



It can beautify and make skin white, tender and lustrous.


It is very simple to soak wolfberry and jujube in the best thermos pot. For busy office workers, no matter how late they stay up late, bring the large thermos flask and soak red dates and medlar, and they will have a good recovery the next day.


It is good for people who are prone to insomnia, frequent urination and physical deficiency to drink more medlar and red dates in the small thermos bottle. If you insist on drinking, you can keep your health and good complexion better.



68-2-Insulated coffee cup


Wolfberry with Longan

Ingredients: wolfberry, longan meat each 20g, raisin 50g, honey 20g, pineapple 200g.



1. Rinse wolfberry, longan, raisin and pineapple with water.

2. Add honey and water into a small bowl and steam for 20 minutes.

If you need to go to work, pour the steamed water into a best food thermos for a rainy day.

Efficacy: it can nourish blood and activate blood, prolong life.



Wolfberry with Egg

Ingredients: wolfberry 20g, 2 eggs.


1. Wash the medlar and put it in a bowl. Beat the eggs into a bowl and mix with medlar.

2. Steam and serve.

At the same time, you can choose to eat food in a hot food flask on your commute.

Efficacy: middle aged and old people eat more wolfberry egg soup, which can delay the decline of eyesight and prevent presbyopia.



Best Partner of Wolfberry in Winter

In winter, people wrap themselves in thick cotton padded clothes to help them produce oxygen to resist the cold. Of course, when it comes to wolfberry's best partner, it must be the thermos soup flask. Whether you're soaking in water or cooking porridge, on the way to work or in the office, you can use the thermos to drink warm tea or warm porridge.


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