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The past and present of premium coffee beans

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Specialty coffee varieties refer to varieties with better flavor in the Arabian species. They all originated from the early iron card and Java, from which three excellent varieties began to spread, namely Mocha, Bourbon, and Kent. Let us take a look at these specialty coffees.


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Three sources of specialty coffee varieties

1. The species of Mocha passed to Yemen via Ethiopia. The original mocha species has a unique fragrance and floral fragrance. The fruit acid is bright and delicate, and the bean shape is quite small. This ancient and exquisite aroma can still be found in Guatemala's famous manor-Inhet Manor and small farmers in Yemen at high altitude. .


2. At the same time, the bourbon species spread to Reunion Island and other places. The bourbon species later opened up branches and leaves, and even some countries only used bourbon species to screen from generation to generation, and selected evolutionary bourbon species with excellent flavor and high output value. Other artificial hybrids and natural hybrids evolved waves. There are countless other species.


3. It was Kentey that arrived in India. In India, more advantageous evolutionary species have also been developed after several generations.


The above three types are the three sources of specialty coffee varieties. For the Bourbon species, it is derived from the iron pika and is an important natural mutant of the iron pika. After the bourbon species spread from the place of origin, it first arrived at Reunion Island, then spread to Tanzania to become the Tanzania bourbon species, and then spread to Kenya and form the famous SL28 locally.


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Characteristics of fine coffee beans

1. The fine coffee beans must be excellent varieties, such as the original bourbon, mocha, and Tipika. The coffee beans produced by these tree species have a unique aroma and flavor, which is far from comparable to other tree species, but relatively The yield is low. In recent years, in pursuit of disease resistance and yield improvement, many improved tree species have emerged. For example, Kenya has widely promoted 11 species of rurial with high yield, but the taste and quality are greatly compromised. Of course, it cannot be called "special coffee".


2. The growing environment of fine coffee beans also has higher requirements. It generally grows at an altitude of 1500 meters or even 2000 meters above sea level, with suitable precipitation, sunshine, temperature and soil conditions. Some world-famous coffee beans also have a special geographical environment, such as the high mountains and fog in the Blue Mountains, the free shade provided by the "flying clouds" in Kona in the afternoon, and the volcanic ash soil of Antigua. These are the growth of specialty coffee. Provide conditions.


3. The best way to harvest fine coffee beans is to use manual harvesting. That is, only the mature coffee cherries are picked to prevent the coffee cherries with inconsistent ripeness from being picked at the same time. Because those immature and overripe fruits will affect the balance and stability of the coffee taste, specialty coffee needs to be picked frequently and carefully by hand during the harvest. You can use burr coffee grinder, manual coffee grinder or hand coffee grinder to grind coffee beans yourself and experience the joy of hands-on in the aroma of coffee.



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