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The mysterious red fruit has become a black gold trend that has swept the world!

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Are you a coffee lover? Are you obsessed with manual coffee grinder, antique coffee grinder and personalized coffee cups ? Let’s go back to the 15th and 16th centuries together, and follow the time step by step to explore the history and culture of coffee. How this mysterious black bean traveled from the most familiar story of the shepherd all the way across the ocean, but has become popular all over the world.

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The historical development of coffee

The coffee tree is a native tree of Ethiopia, originating from the Abyssinian region of Kaffa. At that time, they lived in the prosperous Galla province of Sidamo in southern Ethiopia. Their ancestors had long known that coffee beans had a refreshing effect. However, the coffee at that time was not the black drink it is now. Instead, coffee beans were crushed and mixed with animal fat to make an edible energy supplement.


In the 13th century, slaves from Sudan to Arabia passed through Ethiopia and brought the red fruit to the Middle East country-Yemen, and the history and culture of coffee began. At the beginning of the 16th century, there were records in the literature showing that coffee was already popular as a "black drink". In 1523, an interesting clause was added to the Turkish marriage agreement, stipulating that the man must ensure that the woman has an appropriate amount of coffee to drink after marriage, and the offender must divorce.



How does coffee spread all over the world and become the current black gold trend

In 1414, the coffee shop was very popular in Arab countries, especially around the Hajj. Travellers and believers loved the coffee shop at that time. For a long time, Arab countries have monopolized the coffee trade market. However, as there are as many as one million believers who make a pilgrimage to Mecca every year, it is almost impossible to monitor all believers and prevent the outflow of coffee.


In the 17th century, Dutch traders also understood the great potential of a commodity like coffee, and began to ship coffee to all over the world, making coffee planting more popular all over the world. In the early 18th century, the Dutch dedicated a strong coffee sapling to the French government.


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Cafes are popular all over the world

Coffee, which is extremely popular in the Islamic world, was noticed by travelers and traders from all over the oceans. Of course, they did not hesitate to bring the news back to Europe, and expressed their enthusiasm for this drink with many prose and paintings. At the beginning of the 17th century, coffee arrived in Italy. It was called the "drink of the devil" at the time. It was finally tasted by Pope Clement VII, who fell in love with its deliciousness and cleared the blame for coffee.


In the middle of the 17th century, with the blessing of the Pope, cafes rose up in Venice and other metropolises, such as Caffe Greco in Rome, Pedrocchi in Padua, and Sanctuary in Turin. Carlo Cafe (San Carlo) and so on. In London, there are even more than 300 cafes. In this way, the number of coffee drinkers increased greatly, and finally became a trend. Cafes became popular from England to Austria, the Netherlands, France, and Germany, and finally became the center of urban life.



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