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The latest news in the coffee circle!

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Are you used to using burr coffee grinder, manual coffee grinder and hand coffee grinder to make your own coffee , or use thermal coffee cups, renewable coffee cups or paper coffee cups to buy coffee in coffee shops? Either way, for coffee lovers, you may be interested in the latest coffee news below.


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Starbucks has increased its investment in China, and construction of Asia's first large-scale bakery plant in Kunshan

On Monday, Starbucks announced that its China Coffee Innovation Industrial park in Kunshan, Jiangsu has officially broken ground. The industrial park covers a total area of approximately 80,000 square meters. It took 8 months from the signing of the investment to the groundbreaking. The total project investment is nearly 1.1 billion yuan (US$156 million).

The coffee roasting factory is one of the key projects of the industrial park. It is Starbucks' first large roasting factory in Asia. Before the start of the Kunshan Industrial Park, Starbucks had six coffee roasting plants worldwide, five of which were in the United States and one in the Netherlands.



Mai Coffee announces to increase the Chinese market

The global fast food giant McDonald's continues to increase in the Chinese market. Its specialty coffee brand McDonald's recently announced a new upgrade. Mai Coffee claims to be upgraded in four aspects, namely: coffee bean quality, vitality logo and sunshine packaging, improved quality without price increase, enhanced cost-effectiveness, and added 8 new snacks in three series.


"Where there is a McDonald's, there is a McDonald's coffee." According to the brand, every newly opened McDonald's restaurant will provide McDonald's service in the future, and existing restaurants will also deploy more McDonald's. McDonald’s restaurants in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen will complete the coverage of McDonald’s coffee this year.


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Starbucks employees raise wages

Starbucks will increase the salaries of baristas, shift supervisors and waiters in American stores by at least 10%, effective December 14. Starbucks will also increase its starting salary by 5% to help attract and retain employees. Employees who have worked at Starbucks for three years or more will receive at least an 11% salary increase, and the company will also increase salary levels in various markets.

Some media said that the main purpose of Starbucks' salary adjustment for overseas employees is to help hiring managers recruit more employees. The inability to recruit people is precisely the impact of the prolonged epidemic.



Nongfu Spring launches "self-heating coffee"

Nongfu Spring has launched a self-heating cup for charcoal coffee, and is equipped with a self-heating bag to realize self-heating without changing the original product.

The heating method of the product is similar to the self-heating hot pot. The self-heating bag is stuffed into the self-heating cup, a certain amount of water is poured, and then the drink is placed, the lid is closed, and you can enjoy a cup of hot coffee after waiting 6 to 8 minutes. Currently, new products are on sale in e-commerce channels. There are five bottles of charcoal coffee in a box, with one self-heating cup and five self-heating bags. The event price is 49.5 yuan/carton. Nongfu Spring is very forward-conscious in many places. We don't know whether this wave of operations will lead to a new trend. Let us wait and see.



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