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The Connection between Tea and Tea Set

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Tea tree, originally just a plant, has no color or fragrance, and even the shape of the branches and leaves is not special. But once the tea meets the water and the tea set, the aroma and taste of the tea are highlighted by the infiltration of water and the help of the tea set. In this passage, we will introduce the connection of tea and tea set.


44-Chinese tea ware


In Yunnan, tea and ceramics have a long history, and the two have a strong connection. During the Yuan and Ming Dynasties, the Yuxi kiln and Jianshui kilns began to make celadon and blue-and-white Chinese tea ware in batches. As Yunnan is far away from the Central Plains, with high mountains and deep valleys, the legacy of the Tang and Song dynasty tea ceremony has been retained by the people. The custom of brewing roasted tea continues to this day. Judging from the specimens of the unearthed fragments, there are soup bottles, teapot with infuser, tea bowls, tea cups and tea mills. The shapes and styles are the same as those of the Longquan and Hutian kilns of the Song and Yuan dynasties. This is the reason why Yunnan has experienced long-term obstruction and has turned into the foundation of the restoration of the ancient Chinese civilization.



44-tea strainer teapot

At the end of the Ming Dynasty and the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, Yunnan's blue and white tea ware industry declined. They were replaced by Jianshui pottery, which is characterized by engraved clay filling and unglazed grinding, and Huaning pottery, which is famous for its high-temperature green and white glaze. Jianshui pottery has delicate texture, glaze-free and breathable. It is the best tea ware among tea making devices. During the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, Dali, Jianshui, Tonghai, Tengchong and other places were affected by the Han culture for a long time, so the method of brewing loose tea is gradually popular. In order to adapt to the Pu'er tea with wide leaves, the loose-leaf tea infuser teapots made are large and wide. Later, the Jianshui Arts and Crafts Pottery Factory produced mass production of teapots. Whether it was a lotus-seed teapot, a tea strainer teapot, or a tripod teapot, they were all larger in size, which all explained the characteristics of Pu'er tea and its influence on the teapot design.



44-teapot with infuser

In the 1990s, the Jianshui Arts and Crafts Pottery Factory entered the most difficult period of operation. A large number of products were unsold. Steam pots, vases, and flower pots were piled up like a mountain. At this time, Pu'er tea rose, and the factory turned to produce wholesale tea ware. Qizi cake tea mugs, cake boxes, teapots, tea trays, tea cups, and tea pots form a series of Pu'er tea ware, continuing the history of Jianshui Arts and Crafts Pottery Factory.



Regardless of the past, present or future, Pu'er tea and Yunnan ceramics have endless stories, and their connection is very close. If you are interested in tea sets and want to buy tea ware online, winwin-world is recommended. Winwin-world is a professional wholesale teaware supplier. As a manufacturer from China, they have beautiful and practical Chinese tea sets.

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