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Six Brewing Methods of White Tea

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White tea looks beautiful and tastes very good, so more and more people choose to drink white tea. In this article, we will introduce the six common methods of brewing white tea.


39-teapot with strainer

1. Cold Brew

When we are away from home, if we want to drink white tea, we can choose cold brewing method. First wash 1 gram of white tea leaves with cold water, then put them into a bottle of mineral water, soak for an hour and then enjoy.



2.Teacup with A Strainer

The tea cup with strainer is a very convenient tool for making tea. The upper space contains tea leaves and water for making tea, and the lower space contains tea soup. When making white tea, first wash the cup with boiling water, then put 3 grams of white tea leaves in the upper tea leaf strainer, and finally add hot water. Wait for a few minutes and we can drink the tea.



3. Glass Tea Cup

Generally, 3 grams of white tea in a glass tea cup is the most suitable. Take the warm water to blanch the cup first to avoid breaking the glass due to the heat of the formal brewing. Then put tea leaves into the hot tea cup, and heat the tea leaves. Then we need to add hot water, and gently pour it into the cup half-full along the wall. Wait for a minute and we can enjoy tea soup.



4. Gaiwan

We should rinse the tea set with warm water before making tea with easy gaiwan. The amount of tea is determined according to the capacity of the glass gaiwan. Generally, the amount of tea poured is one-third of the volume of the tureen, usually 3 grams of tea leaves. Then we soak the tea with moderate boiling water, quickly make the soup, then strain the tea soup and pour it out, then wait a few seconds before adding water. Slowly pour water along the edge of the bowl. After filling the water, we can leave the soup for 5-10 seconds. And then we can drink the tea.



39-hot tea cup

5.Purple Clay Pot

There is no big difference between the process of brewing white tea in the purple clay pot and the clay gaiwan. But the heat preservation effect of purple clay pot is better, so the amount of tea is not the same. The recommended amount of tea is 5 grams for small pots and 7 grams for larger pots.



6. Boil White Tea

Tea is usually boiled in an teapot with strainer, and 9 grams of white tea is usually added. It can be slowly fried in cold water, or the water can be boiled first, then put in the tea and simmer for two to three minutes before drinking the tea.



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