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Should We Soak Wolfberry in A Mug?

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I believe that there is such a popular saying in our circle of friends: "you can't help yourself when you are middle-aged. Soak the wolfberry in the thermoflask water bottle!"


In China, it's a new fashion to soak Lycium barbarum in hot tea thermos to help people's health.The post-90s even jokingly call themselves "middle-aged girls" - hair loss, weight gain, insomnia and dreaminess have long appeared in this group of young and beautiful girls, so we often use best thermos flask to keep healthy!


Do you still miss the hot summer? Do you have any dresses in your closet that you haven't had time to wear? In the twinkling of an eye, winter has come, I want to ask you: is your thermo bottle ready? As we all know, "drink more hot water" is no longer just a concern for girlfriends, it is about to become a warm greeting for all ages in the cold winter.

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What Should We Soak In Our Thermos? Is Wolfberry Really So Magical?

First of all, let's talk about people's physique. I don't know if you have noticed that some people start to wear sweaters on their shirts and vest on their sweaters just after autumn. And some people walk the streets barehanded, even on overcast evenings. As the older generation put it, "dress indiscriminately in February, April and August."This just shows that our people and people's physique is not the same. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, there are cold, heat, deficiency and excess: People with cold constitution often have cold hands and feet, and they need to eat warm food. On the contrary, people with warm constitution are not suitable to eat warm food. Cold, hot and humid food will make them more comfortable.


So, do you dare to add Lycium barbarum to the vacuum flask bottle?


Next, let's talk about what can be soaked in the hot thermos cup besides wolfberry. In order to complete this article, I went into a large supermarket and saw all kinds of plants on the counter that I knew and didn't know. It was really eye opening. I'm a little worried about what to call them: they can be soaked in water like tea, but they are not tea, so let's call it substitute tea. It can be divided into three series: flower series, grass leaf series and fruit shell series.


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Tips for Tea Drinking

1. Medicated food can be used as medicine or boiled water. If you want to take it but don't understand the taboo, please consult an experienced doctor to make the best use of your quality thermos flask.


2. No matter what kind of tea flask you use to soak water, you should be proud to finish drinking. You know, all night tea is not allowed. Because the water soaked for too long is easy to be contaminated by microorganisms, of course, whether there is a cancer risk is not known.The most common chrysanthemum tea, just brewed is bright yellow, put aside for a period of time will be black hair green. This is because of the dissolution of chlorophyll, the color of water naturally becomes more and more green or even black. Therefore, it is necessary to drink the tea immediately and keep the appearance and freshest taste of the tea.


Finally, I would like to say that winwinwinworld housewares company is committed to the sale of tea sets and coffee cups. For healthy and healthy thermos cups, we have a variety of different types for you, such as thermo bottle, thermos food jar, best coffee thermos, etc. we look forward to your coming.

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