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Is drinking coffee at night insomnia or hypnosis?

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Do you like to use electric coffee grinder, household coffee grinder or portable coffee grinder to prepare yourself a warm coarse grind coffee? Do you like to collect various types of huge coffee cups, fancy coffee cups and cartoon coffee cups? If so, then you must be a coffee lover. But drinking coffee at night, insomnia or hypnosis? Let us look at related research together.



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Research on whether coffee causes insomnia

According to a study published in "Science Translational Medicine", drinking coffee at night not only affects sleep as the public knows, but also interferes with the body's physiological clock. Caffeine is not just a stimulant. In addition, it will also slow down the body’s biological clock rhythm. Scholars say that a double espresso three hours before bedtime will delay the production of the sleep-related hormone "melatonin" for about 40 minutes, making it difficult for people to fall asleep.


Researchers at the University of Colorado in the United States recruited five subjects to participate in the study. They stayed in the sleep laboratory for nearly 50 days and took caffeine tablets or placebos a few hours before normal bedtime, and measured them. The amount of melatonin in the body. Since light exposure has always been an important factor affecting the well-known physiological clock, it has also been included in the experimental control conditions.


The results of the study found that if people in dim light environment consume caffeine before going to bed, their body clock will be delayed by about 40 minutes compared to the placebo group; while those who only receive strong light exposure for three hours, the body clock will be delayed by 85 minute. Scholars said that taking caffeine before going to bed has about half the effect of three-hour bright light on the biological clock. In addition, the researchers observed the effects of caffeine exposure on the cells of the petri dish through in vitro experiments, and also found that caffeine can change the chemical clock law of every cell in the body. 


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Dr John O'Neill, a researcher from the Medical Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, said, “If you feel tired and try to drink coffee at night to stay awake, it may not be a good idea. You will find it hard to fall asleep and Get enough sleep." Research suggests not to consume caffeine before going to bed, but he also further stated that if coffee is drunk at some appropriate time, using it to regulate the biological clock may help people adapt to jet lag faster.


Although it is generally known that caffeine affects sleep, the direct relationship between it and the biological clock is not clear. This interesting study shows that the effect of caffeine on sleep is not as simple as we thought in the past, and it will also bring important significance in the treatment of insomnia.


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