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Is It Bad for Health to Make Tea in a Thermos Cup?

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The biggest problem facing modern people drinking tea is that they are too busy and have no time to drink tea delicately. After all, most of our time is either at work or on the way to work. However, most people still choose to drink tea, but they will choose a simpler method of making tea. For example, the most common method is to make tea in a hot water flask, but actually, making tea in a thermo-flask water bottle is bad for our health.



42-thermos direct drink flask

Disadvantages of Making Tea in a Vacuum Flask

Making tea in a thermos flask for tea is a more convenient and time-saving way to drink tea. Many people like to use a stainless-steel vacuum flask to fill a pot of hot water, add an appropriate amount of tea, and tighten the lid to drink warm tea all day. But in fact, this practice will reduce the health benefits of tea, and also destroy the taste.


1. Making Tea in a Thermos Cup Affects the Nutritional Value of Tea

The biggest feature of the thermos direct drink flask is heat preservation. In other words, the tea leaves in the thermos cup will be soaked in high-temperature, constant-temperature water for a long time. Tea is rich in a variety of nutrients, such as a variety of vitamins and minerals, as well as tea polyphenols, caffeine, tannins and other ingredients with pharmacological effects. However, these nutrients are afraid of continuous high temperature. If tea leaves are soaked in high temperature water for a long time, the color of the tea will be strong and the bitterness will increase. The aromatic substances in the tea will accelerate the volatilization and the tannic acid and theophylline will easily exudate in large quantities, reducing its nutritional value. And vitamin C will be greatly lost in an environment above 80°C, and the health function of tea will be correspondingly reduced.


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2. The Thermos Cup Affects the Taste of Tea

Making tea in a glass lined thermos will affect the taste of the tea. The temperature of the vacuum flask bottle is relatively high. If the tea leaves are soaked at this temperature for a long time, the nutrients of the tea itself will disappear, and the tea polyphenols, tannins and other substances contained in the tea will be leached out in a large amount, making the tea color strong and taste bitter, so it is not suitable to use a vacuum flask for making tea.


3. Easy to Generate Tea Stains and Difficult to Clean.

A layer of dirty tea stain will accumulate when tea is brewed in tea infuser thermos for a long time, and a layer of dirty tea stain will accumulate after brewing tea in a hot tea thermos for a period of time, and it is not easy to clean.


42-hot tea thermos


In general, it is not recommended to use a vacuum flask to make tea. Although it is convenient and quick to make tea with a thermos cup, it can neither retain the nutritional value of the tea nor taste the delicious tea, and it is easy to generate tea stains that are not easy to clean. If you want to buy thermos flask online, we recommend winwin-world. Winwin-world is a professional manufacturer of tea cups. Their products are beautiful and practical, exported to countries all over the world, and have been widely praised.

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