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How to choose a qualified children's vacuum flask?

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Water cups are an important tool for children to drink water in their daily lives. Always have a handy thermos cup with your baby when you go out. When choosing a water cup for children, you must consider the heat preservation effect and product quality, as well as a good-looking appearance. Below we will introduce you how to choose a qualified children's thermos cup, hope it will be helpful to you.


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How to choose a qualified children's vacuum flask


1. Choose the material

Safety is the most important issue for parents to consider. The inner liner of the vacuum flask produced by a bad business is not qualified, and there may be a risk of cancer when used. Drinking water from these cups can cause great harm to the body. Especially for young children, it will seriously damage the child's immunity. Even affect the child's intelligence.


It is recommended that parents choose 304 or 316 stainless steel for the inner material of the vacuum flask. 304 and 316 stainless steel materials have strong oxidation and corrosion resistance, which can effectively avoid the precipitation of heavy metals. There is no problem for babies to drink water with a vacuum flask made of this material. In addition to the inner tank, the suction nozzle and straw of the vacuum flask should also be paid attention to. It is recommended to choose food-grade silicone, PP or PE material.


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2. Good insulation performance

A qualified vacuum flask, the insulation performance should not be bad, otherwise it is really inconvenient for the baby to drink water when going out. According to national standards, in an environment of 20 ℃ ± 5 ℃, filled with 95 ℃ hot water, 4 hours of heat preservation above 70 ℃, 8 hours of heat preservation above 60 degrees Celsius can be said to be very good, and it is completely sufficient.


Considering the insulation performance of the thermos, the heat dissipation speed of the thermal flask cannot be ignored. The heat dissipation of the thermos cup is mainly from the cup mouth, so the larger the capacity and the smaller the cup mouth, the slower the heat dissipation speed of the small thermos flask. Parents should be able to choose the capacity of the water cup according to the amount of water their baby drinks.



3. Good sealing

Moms always put the stainless steel vacuum flask in the bag when they go out. If the thermos cup selected is not well sealed, the bag will be soaked. Therefore, the tightness of the vacuum flask is also an issue that parents need to consider when choosing a vacuum flask.

How to check the tightness? Parents can tighten the lid after adding water to the cup to see if the screwing of the lid and the cup opening is flexible and there is no gap. Then place the cup flat on the table and observe for leakage. If there is no leakage, it proves that its sealing performance is good.



Do you have any suggestions for the choice of children's vacuum flask and best food flask? Welcome to share with us.

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