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How to Remove Bacteria from Tea Sets?

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It's hard to associate the elegant thing of drinking tea with filth, but the clean and tidy tea infuser set in the high humidity environment also has many dirty things hiding places that can't be seen by naked eyes. Especially in hot and humid weather, high temperature provides an excellent environment for bacteria breeding.


A popular science TV program in the United States checked the colony count of eight kinds of common daily necessities, and the kitchen dishcloth won the first place. Tea towel is the same as dishcloth because many people don't have the habit of cleaning after using tea towel for a short time. Many people refuse to wash the towel regularly for the three reasons of "not completely wet", "not much tea stains just touched", and "it will dry by itself after put it for a while". In a humid environment, the fiber texture of the towel can easily become a hotbed for microbial parasitism and a major channel for cross contamination, including repeated human contact, dust contamination on the table, and colony exchange between the teapot infuser set and the bottom of the loose-leaf tea infuser cup.



48-2 large glass teapot

Suggestions on Tea Towel Cleaning


After each use, you should wash the tea towel separately with hot water.

After a period of use, you can do a thorough cleaning with detergent.

Like ordinary towel products, tea infuser gift sets should be renewed in 2-3 months.


For most people, the frequency of the tea strainer set using is not high, but the longer it is idle, the dirtier the tea set will be. Tea sets are usually placed on the tea table and are not often used, which will lead to the accumulation of ash, especially on the inner wall of the tea tube. Cleaning tools need to be placed with the user side up, so the moist and closed teapot will become a paradise for mold if you put them directly into the individual glass teapot.



48-2 tea infuser gift sets

Suggestions on the Cleaning of Tea Container


After a period of use, you should clean the teapot for loose leaves thoroughly.

Tea tube should be placed in dry and ventilated place as far as possible, especially hollow bamboo tube should be cleaned, disinfected, and dried regularly.

Every wet tool should be put into the tea tube after drying to keep the inner wall of the bamboo tube dry.


Using the tap water to flush the tea leak can only remove the visible residue, but what about the invisible dirt? Especially with a layer of nylon filter, it has the advantage of finer mesh but it is easy to accumulate tea dirt after long-time use, which leads to slower and slower soup production. In addition to the accumulation of tea scale, the fiber itself will age and oxidize during long-term wetting. Therefore, when the tea leak starts to change slightly, you should thoroughly clean it instead of simply blanching it with boiling water.

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