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How to Fill in the Coffee Cup Test Form Correctly?

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Cupping is carried out on-site at the coffee producing area, which is the most direct way to convey the unique flavor of coffee. When purchasing coffee beans at the origin, cupping should be performed to determine whether to purchase. At present, there are universal cupping procedures in the world, such as The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and Cup of Excellence (CoE).


After finish the cup test, we should record the evaluation results. Therefore, we need the coffee cup test table to help us organize the evaluation results. In the coffee cup test table, you can see that there are several components such as baking color, dry aroma, wet aroma, broken slag, defects, cleanliness, sweetness, acidity, taste, flavor, aftertaste, balance, and overall score. The more important ones are the items that will be mentioned next.



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Fragrance or Aroma

After coffee is ground, the dry aroma of coffee is evaluated by sniffing the coffee powder.


Within two to four minutes after injecting the water, use a cupping spoon to break the slag, remove the slag, and score Fragrance or Aroma.


Clean Cup

That is, the sample has no bad smell and defects. Coffee has spoilage, earthy taste, iodine taste, fermented acid, rubber, onion, astringency and other bad tastes and touches, which are not clean enough.



It refers to the intensity of the sweetness that the coffee liquid leaves when it rotates in the mouth. In the ripe fruit, the sweetness content will be quite clear and can be felt. If it is overripe or underripe, the change in sweetness can be felt during testing.



Good acid will have fruit acidity or sweetness, while bad acid will be like unripe fruit or even acetic acid.



It refers to the feelings in the mouth, such as drinking milk and water, eating smoothies with fruity flesh.



Flavor is the taste of coffee when it drops to 71°C, including various flavors. Cup testers can include the flavors they feel in the scoring items, including various tastes and flavors measured or drunk.


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It refers to various tastes or aromas or touches that stay in the mouth. Good flavors stay for a long time, such as sweetness. After sipping and spitting out the coffee, it still clearly stays in the mouth or even spreads. The score of this item will be high. On the contrary, if there is no Aftertaste, or very short, the score will be low.



Balance refers to whether the various scoring items of coffee are balanced, and whether the various flavors of coffee are harmonious.


Overall Rating

The overall scoring item is the overall assessment of the tester and can also reflect his personal preferences.


Without the hard work of cup testers to test every coffee, there would be no coffee farmers' gains. Our purpose is to find better coffee, which is the essence of cupping.


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