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How to Clean the Thermos Cup Quickly?

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Thermos cup has become a necessity for many people in the cold winter because it can keep the water temperature as constant as possible, which can let us drink warm water at any time. However, the vacuum flask bottle that has been idle for a long time will be stained with many stains and bacteria, so we need to clean it before use. Many sanitary dead spots, such as the gap between the inner liner and the glass thermos flask cap, are hard to be touched by hands during normal cleaning.


The rust on the mouth of the best thermos bottle is easy to clean, which only requires you to wipe it with a paper towel dipped in water or directly wiped with a wet towel. But do you know how to clean the inside of the mug?


71-2 thermos flask water bottle

Eggshell Cleaning Method


Pour 1 / 5 of water into the thermal flask bottle that needs to be cleaned and break the egg shell into a small piece to insert into the thermos cup. Tighten the lid of the mug and shake vigorously for three or five minutes to remove the scale from the mug after pouring out the egg shell and water.


The reason why eggshell can clean scale is that the main component of eggshell is calcium carbonate, which is slightly soluble in water and will make water alkaline. Scale is a salt, which will be slightly acidic after slightly soluble in water. The neutralization reaction of acid and alkali makes the eggshell clear the scale in the heat preservation cup, which is the chemical action of egg shell. The physical function of the eggshell can also remove the scale in the thermos ultimate flask because the tip of the eggshell fragment has many edges and corners, which will produce friction under the constant shaking, so as to better remove the scale on the inner wall of the steel thermos flask.



Rice Cleaning Method


The mouth of the thermos cup is so small that we can't reach in to clean it. You can pour 1 / 5 of the rice directly into the stainless-steel thermos bottle and add a little more water than the rice. After you put the lid on the mug, shake it for 10 minutes to make it clean. However, this method has a drawback because it is a waste of food.


The rice-clean method is to use the abrasiveness of rice because the rice acts as a friction against the wall of the best glass lined thermos when we shake the cup constantly.



72-2 thermos ultimate flask

Brush Cleaning Method


Relatively speaking, brush cleaning method is meticulous because it can clean any gap of the thermos flask 1L. A simple sponge cup brush can rotate 360 degrees and the handle is very long, so they make it easy to clean the inside and bottom of the best thermal flask.


After using the above three cleaning methods, do not cover the cup immediately. The cup body and lid should be placed separately and you had better place it where the sun can reach to avoid the best thermos flask for hiking from stinking.

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