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How to Choose the Right Espresso Machine?

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You want to buy an espresso machine. But are you at a loss in the face of various parameters? Don't know whether to choose a fully automatic coffee machine or a semi automatic espresso machine? Please read this guide to choose the right espresso coffee machine for your cafe or home coffee corner.


There are many good espresso machines with grinder on the market, but something suitable for others may not be your best choice. Before making any decision, please consider what features your espresso machine needs? In what scenarios? Here are the things you need to consider:


The quality of the espresso, the time required to prepare the espresso, installation location (size of space, existing infrastructure), target consumers (self, your colleagues, customers), whether you need to make latte or other drinks, personal preference ( design, manufacturer, brand, country of production, etc.) and espresso machine price.


2-1-fully automatic coffee machine

Choose an Espresso Machine for a Cafe


A professional smart coffee machine will allow you to control the quality of espresso to the utmost extent. There are many factors that affect the flavor, aroma and quality of espresso, such as coffee bean grinding degree, pressure, temperature, extraction time, etc.


Some espresso coffee makers can fine-tune these parameters so that you can control the final flavor presentation.


Smart machines can reduce human errors. But a barista who understands coffee machines is also crucial to extract a good espresso.


Some professional machines have touch screen displays, which can easily and accurately control various parameters. But if they are broken, can you still use the machine? Do you know how to adjust them manually?


Before choosing a machine, please consider whether you need to make two or more coffee drinks at the same time, instead of just buying single cup drip coffee maker with grinder.


How many brewing heads do you need? Do I need more than one steam wand? Having more than two brewing heads can help you complete multiple orders at the same time, but you will have more cleaning and maintenance work. You need a large capacity coffee maker.


2-2-espresso coffee machine

Choose an Espresso Machine for Your Home Coffee Corner


If you often drink coffee on the way to work, the home espresso machine may be a good investment. How much time and energy can you devote to making each cup of coffee? There are a few different factors to consider when choosing a home machine.


All espresso machines require some basic maintenance, such as removing coffee grounds or empty capsules, cleaning the drip tray, filling the water tank, etc.


Some have a detachable brewing head, which is easy to remove for cleaning or inspection. Some have a built-in brewing system that can automatically clean themselves. But if something goes wrong, it can be tricky.


If you like to do it yourself, you can choose a machine with a detachable brewing head. If you want the machine to clean automatically, you may need to consider another one.


As with commercial machines, you should also consider pump pressure. Pressure determines how much flavor the coffee machine can extract from the coffee, and the quality of the coffee.


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