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How to Choose a Commercial Espresso Machine?

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Choosing a commercial espresso coffee maker is no small challenge. With so many brands and models on the market, how can we find one with suitable functions? How much funds do you prepare? Should we focus on function or style?


The price of the coffee machine can be high or low, the key is which coffee machine you want. The price of simple entry-level heat exchange coffee machines ranges from 4,000-10,000 US dollars. The price of a good multi-boiler coffee machine ranges from $10,000 to $40,000.


What points should be paid attention to when choosing commercial coffee makers? Listed below are several important factors that should be considered when choosing a coffee machine, such as workflow and automation, appearance, reliability and after-sales service.


8-1-commercial coffee makers

1. Capacity


Regarding the choice of coffee machine capacity, it mainly depends on the heating method, heat exchange or multiple boilers.


The heat exchange coffee machine has only one steam boiler, and the outside of the boiler is surrounded by copper pipes, which are called heat exchangers. As the name implies, the water absorbs the heat released by the steam boiler through the heat exchanger, and then enters the head group to brew coffee. The heat exchange coffee machine is suitable for restaurants, offices or small coffee shops, especially for consumption places where the cup output is stable throughout the day and there is no obvious peak period. These places are very suitable for office coffee machines with grinder or small drip coffee maker. Most heat exchange coffee machines are small in size, because there is only one boiler in the machine, which is indeed a good choice from the perspective of saving space.


The multi-boiler coffee machine has at least two built-in boilers, of which the larger boiler has a higher temperature and is used to generate steam. The other has a lower temperature and is used for brewing coffee machines. The advantage of a multi-boiler coffee machine is that you can directly control the water temperature used for brewing coffee. This kind of machine has better thermostat performance, the temperature of the head group is not affected by the steam boiler, and the taste and quality of coffee are more stable. This coffee machine is suitable for large coffee shops.


2. Current and Voltage


When choosing a commercial cold brew coffee maker, remember to check the current and voltage standards. Basically, the more functions the coffee machine has, the more power it needs. The current of the heat exchange coffee machine is usually between 15-25A, depending on the number of head groups. Multi-boiler coffee machines require up to 40A of current.


8-2-commercial espresso coffee maker

3. Head Group


You need to carefully consider how many head sets you need. The common choice is two-head or three-head, because two-head and three-head are enough to meet the needs of most coffee shops.


In general, the double-head coffee machine is suitable for making 20kg coffee a week. If it exceeds 20kg, it is recommended to use a three-head coffee machine, which can make up to 100kg of coffee a week.


4. Workflow and Degree of Automation


Cup timing, weighing, volume measurement, automatic brewing ratio, etc. are all cool features that come with the new generation of commercial smart coffee machines. These functions are good, but only if you can use them. Your ultimate goal is to improve quality, stability and efficiency.


5. Appearance


Nowadays, many coffee shops choose to personalize the appearance of their coffee machines. The outer shell of many coffee machines can be easily disassembled, and the material and color can be changed or added freely. Or you can choose to use vinyl paint, which is relatively cheaper.


6. Reliability and After-sales Service


Many people ignore the importance of after-sales service. No matter how expensive the coffee machine is, it must be repaired and maintained at a certain stage of use. The coffee machine needs to replace the sealing ring and the water outlet regularly. The coffee machine needs a comprehensive internal inspection, cleaning or replacing parts Every 1-2 years.


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