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How to Choose a Coffee Cup?

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To enjoy a cup of strong and aromatic coffee, in addition to high-quality coffee beans and the correct brewing method, it is also very important to choose a suitable coffee cup. Generally, in order to preserve the rich aroma of coffee and reduce the volatilization of the aroma, the high-quality espresso cup should be narrower and thicker. This is the opposite of the wide mouth and high light transmittance of black tea cups.


Starting from the basics, how to choose a coffee cup? Drinking the same coffee, you will feel different sourness and bitterness due to the shape and texture of the coffee cup. There are 3 important points to know when choosing a coffee cup.


19-1-high-quality espresso cup

1. Color on the inside


Vision has a great influence on taste perception. If you choose a ceramic coffee cup or a cup with a colored inside, it is difficult to distinguish the color during extraction, and the judgment of the shade is easily distorted. If you want to enjoy the amber color of coffee while drinking, it is recommended to choose coffee mugs with white inside.


2. The width of the cup


The structure of the human tongue has a sweet taste at the tip of the tongue, and a sour and bitter taste on the side and the base of the tongue. The open glass coffee mug can fill the mouth when the coffee is in the mouth, which is especially suitable for coffee with obvious sour taste. The slender coffee cup will make the coffee rush directly to the throat, making it easy to feel bitter to drink.


3. The thickness of the cup rim

The thinner the edge of the coffee cup is, the less it will interfere with the feeling of coffee entrance. Some people say that a thicker coffee cup will make people notice the texture of the cup in your hand, not suitable for tasting coffee.


19-2-porcelain coffee cups

Types of Coffee Cups


There are generally two types of coffee cups: pottery coffee cups and porcelain coffee cups. The pottery is simple and the porcelain is round. The masculine and strong medium-dark roasted coffee is filled with a thick ceramic cup, and the coffee tastes quite good.


Porcelain cappuccino cups is better at interpreting the delicate aroma of coffee. Compared with ordinary ceramics, fine bone china cups is made of high-grade china clay mixed with animal bone powder, the unique firing process and the content of bone powder make bone china appear whiter, finer, more transparent and lighter. The cup body is equipped with some patterns to make the coffee cup form a graceful appearance. Bone china has high heat retention, and the temperature of the coffee in the cup decreases slowly, which can better maintain the temperature of the coffee.


It should be noted that the material composition of the coffee cup must not chemically react with the coffee, so the active metal material cannot be used to hold the coffee cup.


In order to make some beautiful fancy coffee, there are also various glass goblets, tall latte glasses, beer glasses with handle, etc. These cups cannot be regarded as traditional coffee cups.


In general, ceramic cups are more suitable for medium-deep roasted coffee with a strong flavor, while porcelain cups are suitable for coffee with a lighter taste.


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