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How to Choose An Espresso Machine?

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In this article, we mainly talk about those things to buy coffee machines in a shop. Although this article may be especially aimed at friends who have plans to open a store, the many insights in it are actually very valuable for some players who want to buy a home espresso machine at home.


How to invest in high-quality equipment is one of the keys to the success or failure of your coffee shop. High-quality equipment mainly includes aeropress coffee maker, grind and brew coffee maker and fine coffee strainer. As a professional barista, we still need a suitable espresso coffee maker to stably provide customers with the best quality coffee. But to know which brand and model of coffee machine is the best one, it is not easy to best meet the needs of our shop. Therefore, in order to help you choose a suitable espresso machine, here are some practical suggestions.


1-1-a home espresso machine

Stability of Water Temperature


As a trader, we certainly hope that every cup of coffee extracted is perfect. This also means that consistency and stability are very critical. A very important part of this is the temperature and stability of the hot water in the machine. After all, if you use hot water at a different temperature every time you brew coffee, the extraction and taste of the coffee will definitely be different. Insulated water bottle and water bottle with filter are available in the coffee shop.


Material and Design of the Machine


We also pay special attention to the appearance of the coffee machine. This is not only because we want the machine to be beautiful and conspicuous when placed in the store, but also because some brands of espresso machines are more ergonomic in design and more comfortable in operation.


When using a smart coffee maker, a barista must feel comfortable and easy to use. In addition, the steam milk stick must also be in a suitable position and angle for milking.


The material and quality of commercial espresso machine are of course also very important. Because you don't want the machine to look cheap and low-end, making customers feel that your product might not work. In addition, you probably don’t want the machine to frequently need to be repaired or the parts inside.


1-2-grind and brew coffee maker

Measurable Categories and Controllable Variables


The various functions of an espresso machine should allow baristas to allocate and use their time well, so that they can spend more time interacting and communicating with customers, without being overly immersed in the brewing process.


A good coffee machine with grinder can measure the importance of different values. For example, it can accurately measure the water temperature, the amount and speed of water flow, the weight of coffee liquid, and so on. Use these data to fine-tune the coffee extraction and control the consistency of the product.


The more variables and categories your coffee machine can control, the more changes and fine-tuning you can make to the final espresso. And the premise is that you will not need to sacrifice the time spent interacting with guests and affect their consumption experience.



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