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How to Choose A Teacup?

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A good bubble tea cup not only requires good shape but also needs to be easy to use when drinking tea.



51-1 hot tea cup

Select According to the Shape of the Tea Cup


Select from the side of the teacup. Hot tea cups may be deep, shallow, wide, narrow, steep, flat, drum, and shriveled. For example, the mouth of a hat is steep and wide, which looks like a hat, but it is easy for the center of gravity to be unstable; the line of the skimming cup is shrunk inward, so the mouth will turn slightly outward without too much. Generally speaking, there are advantages and disadvantages for all kinds of tea cups with lid, so you should choose a teacup with a stable center of gravity, a straight shape, and a smooth line at the foot.

Select from the front of the teacup. The mouth of the cup is usually round by looking down but some other shapes are also different and interesting. For example, the shape of the cup mouth included triangle, Pentagon, hexagon, flower type, four-petal non-pointed begonia type, and five petal peach blossom type. The mouth of the green tea cup may be a normal round shape but the edge is sunflower mouth or chrysanthemum petal mouth, which seems very good but it is difficult to make such a cup, because the complex shape may affect the feeling of use. Water flow, hand feel, and lip fit are all factors that need to be considered for customized tea cups.



51-2 personalized drinking cups

Select According to the Type of Tea


Green Tea. When brewing green tea, you should choose the tea set with thin wall, compact texture, small porosity, and low moisture (fragrance) absorptivity, such as unique tea cups and thin ceramic cups. The transparent glass should be colorless, flowerless, and uncovered, while white porcelain and celadon uncovered glasses are also suitable.


Scented tea. The set for flower tea is best to use blue and white porcelain bowl, cup, or pot.

Yellow tea. Yellow tea belongs to a kind of fermented tea, which has a strong aroma and mellow taste. Dark-red enameled pottery is the best material for yellow tea utensils, while the glazed porcelain bowls and rude tea cups can also be used. Gold has always been regarded as a symbol of nobility, so yellow tea can be drunk with glazed ceramics with oily texture.

Black tea. Black tea should be brewed with white porcelain to set off its golden halo and red color. Therefore, white glaze dark-red enameled pottery, white porcelain, red glazed porcelain, and warm color porcelain pots, portable tea cups, or bowls are very suitable.

White tea. The water temperature for brewing white tea is higher, so you should choose the personalized drinking cup with better heat preservation, which is mainly made of ceramic and stone tools.

Dark tea. Dark tea can be used for brewing or boiling, so you can use it with pottery tea set or dark-red enameled pottery teapot, which can eliminate the bad taste formed in the storage of tea by the adsorption of tea set. The dark tea with heavy color should choose the transparent tea cup with clear color and simple shape, which can increase the ornamental value by complementary colors.

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