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How much do you know about the 5000 years of tea history?

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The history of tea

China is the first country in the world to discover, cultivate and utilize tea. According to historical data, the tea tree originates in China. Our ancestors discovered the detoxification effect of tea more than 5,000 years ago. China is the hometown of tea. After a long historical journey, tea has now taken root in more than 50 countries around the world, and tea has become one of the three most popular non-alcoholic beverages in the world. 


33.tea pot

1. Shennong era: 5000 years ago, the Shennong era used raw leaves to boil and drink, and used tea for medicinal purposes.


2. Western Zhou Dynasty and Eastern Zhou Dynasty: Before 3000, tea trees were cultivated artificially and used as vegetables.


3. Qin Dynasty: Before 2300, it started to be a tea, boiled, and soup drink.


4. Han Dynasty:


(Western Han Dynasty) Before 2000, commercialization began, and Chengdu became the earliest distribution center of tea in my country.


(Eastern Han Dynasty) Around 1500, tea cakes were made for transportation.


5. Tang Dynasty: Before 1200, influenced by the economy and culture of the Tang Dynasty, the advocacy of Lu Yu's "Tea Classic" and the climatic conditions were conducive to the development of the tea industry.


6. Song Dynasty: 1000 years ago, the tea-making technique was improved, water quality was emphasized, and tea fighting was popular.


7. Yuan Dynasty: 700 years ago, loose tea was made and fried and steamed slightly.


8. Ming Dynasty: According to the present 600 years, the craftsmanship of yellow tea, black tea and scented tea has been formed one after another.


9. Qing Dynasty: 300 years ago, Chinese tea swept the world, leading the world tea market. At that time, only China was the only exporter of tea. The craftsmanship was mainly roasted and roasted, and oolong tea, black tea, dark tea, scented tea, green tea, and white tea were made.


10. Modern times:


(1) 1846-1886 was the prosperous period of Chinese tea (the area of tea gardens continued to expand, and tea production increased rapidly, which strongly promoted the development of foreign trade).


(2) 1886-1947 was a period of decline in China's tea production (political, economic, and international tea market competition failed)


(3) 1950-1988 was a period of recovery and development of China's tea production. With the support and attention of the government, it vigorously restored old tea gardens, established new tea gardens, improved new varieties, promoted scientific tea cultivation, and the tea economy moved towards a stable development path. Makes tea production rank second in the world.



33.making tea

Three stages of using tea

1. Medicinal use: The discovery and use of tea can be traced back to the primitive period. In my country's first medicinal monograph "Shennong's Materia Medica", there is "Shennong's tastes a hundred herbs and encounters seventy-two poisons a day, and he gets it from tea." For medicinal use, it is taken orally by chewing, clearing away heat, and externally applying to reduce inflammation and detoxification.


2. Eating: From raw chewing to cooking, tea and grain are cooked together with "tea porridge" and "soup stamp", or boiled, picked up, and seasoned. Today the Jinuo people in Yunnan still have "cold tea dishes".


3. Drinking: Drinking comes from eating, drinking tea is better than drinking white to quench your thirst. Pastoral areas mix tea with milk for co-drinking. In minority areas, there are Leicha and Daiyoucha. However, if you want to drink tea, you can’t do without a tea infuser and a thermos flask. It's the same as you can't leave the best coffee maker and French press to make coffee. Besides, the teawares that people drink tea are also particular. Some small teahouses may choose wholesale teaware because that would be very cheap. But for some people, they may choose custom mugs.



Three stages of drinking tea

1. The method of making tea in the Tang Dynasty: Before making tea, grind the tea leaves into powder, boil the water, put the condiments in, and then sprinkle the tea powder into the pot. When drinking, drink the tea dregs and tea soup together while it is hot, which is called "tea eating".


2. The method of ordering tea in the Song Dynasty: brewing tea powder with boiled water, and drinking it after stirring with a tea pot. The matcha ceremony in Japan now originated here.


3. The method of brewing tea in Ming Dynasty: In Ming Dynasty, it was changed to brewing whole leaf tea, which was the beginning of modern tea brewing. In modern tea making, a thermosflask water bottle is essential. For some discerning people, they may prefer custom water bottles.




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