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How can we make coffee with a "sea buckthorn" flavor?

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Regarding "sea buckthorn", many of my friends may have never eaten it or even seen it, let alone understand its taste. Today we will teach you how to use hand crank coffee grinder,espresso coffee grinder and virtuoso coffee grinder make a cup of sea-buckthorn flavored coffee.



95-1 filter coffee machine

What is sea buckthorn

Seabuckthorn (Latin scientific name: Hippophae rhamnoides Linn.), which is a deciduous shrub of the Elaeagneaceae family and the Hippophae rhamnoides genus. It is drought-tolerant and wind-resistant. It is distributed in Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, China. Western Sichuan. The fruit is round, 4-6 mm in diameter, orange-yellow or orange-red. Seabuckthorn fruits have high vitamin C content and are known as the king of vitamin C.



How to make coffee with a coffee machine

1. Collect material. You will need a coffee machine, a clean glass carafe, filter paper, electric burr coffee grinder or handheld coffee grinder and an exquisite coffee cup.


2 Grind coffee beans. Adjust the grinder to medium (or follow your grinder's instructions). You can also use ground coffee, but it will lose a bit of flavor. Choosing coffee beans is the key. If you like a lighter taste, you can try flavored coffee or lightly blended coffee. If you have a stronger, energy-awakening coffee, you can choose espresso or Kona coffee beans. Mix all kinds of coffee beans, there are some very good combinations.


3. Place the filter paper in the brewing basket. According to your coffee machine's instructions, use a suitable size filter paper. If the cooking basket can be removed, rinse a cooking basket and filter paper with hot water to remove the smell of the paper. There is also a reusable filter, which can not only reduce paper waste, but also does not leave any smell, and it is very convenient to clean.


4. Put the ground coffee powder into the filter. Most French press coffee maker require 2 tablespoons of ground coffee to make a cup of coffee. Adjust the ratio according to your taste: if you like a strong flavor, add more coffee powder, if you like a light flavor, add less. If the brewed coffee tastes too strong, you can just add some hot water to the cup.


95-2 espresso coffee machine

5. Fill the water tank of the filter coffee machine with water. Use a carafe as a measuring cup, and use the right amount of water according to the amount of coffee powder you pour.


6. Turn on the switch. Press the power button or the "on" button. The espresso coffee machine preheats for 1 to 2 minutes, and then starts to make coffee. Some coffee machines brew faster, some are slower. Slow cooking is also good, because the taste will be more filling. When making coffee, you can fry an egg, bacon or slices of bread, and then pair it with the brewed coffee to enjoy a quick, delicious and warm breakfast.


7. When drinking coffee, you can add some sugar and creamer if you like.

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