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How Much Do You Know about Coffee Beans and Coffee Machines?

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Coffee is an essential drink for modern people. The most important raw material for fragrant and rich coffee is coffee beans. Coffee beans are not amazing, they are the outer seeds of coffee trees. Coffee trees grow in small shrubs in cold depressions, and their fruits are white or yellow, and the outer seeds are the original coffee beans.


Many people who enjoy life now make their own coffee manually. What they admire is not only the process of drinking, but also the process of making. The choice of coffee beans is very important. Crushing coffee beans is a technical activity.


10-1-automatic coffee machine

The Role of Coffee Beans


Coffee made from coffee beans has the effect of promoting urination and can remove excess body water. This is one of the reasons why coffee beans can lose weight. In addition, coffee will also accelerate the body's calorie consumption. It is recommended to do moderate-to-low-intensity heart rate exercise after drinking coffee for half an hour to achieve faster and more fat burning effect.


Common Coffee Machines on the Market


As the name suggests, the automatic coffee machine can be completed without manual work. It can not only grind powder, fill coffee and make coffee, but also adjust the thickness of ground beans, make espresso and cappucinno coffee, etc. The advantage is that it is convenient, fast and efficient. However, the purchase price is higher and the maintenance cost is also high.


The semi-automatic coffee machine is actually a professional coffee machine. Because it can only be used to grind coffee powder, we need to fill and press the powder ourselves. It is characterized by constant water temperature, stable pump pressure, constant steam pressure and dryness, and convenient operation.


The drip coffee maker is a classic. Because it is easy to use and suitable for the general public. There is a funnel on it to hold filter paper and coffee powder. The coffee maker price is moderate. The more consuming is probably the coffee filter paper.


High pressure espresso coffee machine is a combination of pump pressure and steam type. It uses the principle of pressure to quickly extract coffee essence when the water pressure is greater than one atmosphere (usually 5-19 atmospheres) when brewing coffee. The brewed coffee is more fragrant and has a layer of fat froth.


Both capsule coffee machine and pour over coffee maker should be regarded as a kind of fully automatic coffee machine. The raw material is not coffee beans or coffee powder, but semi-finished coffee capsules and coffee pods. In short, this coffee has a slightly higher level than instant coffee.


10-2-semi-automatic coffee machine

In addition, coffee machines can also be divided into home coffee machine, office espresso machine and commercial coffee machine according to their uses. According to this method, the coffee machines we can choose will be subdivided into several categories.


There are many good coffee machines on the market, but something that suits others may not be your best choice. Before making any decision, please consider the features and occasions your coffee machine needs. The main things you need to consider are the quality of the espresso, the time required to prepare the espresso, the installation location, the target consumer, whether you need to make latte or other drinks, personal preferences and budget.


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