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How Did the Coffee Machine Become a Dangerous Device?

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With the rapid advancement of science and technology, the world has become more closely interconnected, and the devices surrounding our lives have become more intelligent and automated. In today's connected world, we have seen the emergence of connected homes, smart grids, autonomous vehicles, drones, and many other innovative devices. Among all the devices that will be connected to the Internet, which ones will bring the most serious danger to users and society? In addition to the frequently mentioned devices including smart phones, self-driving cars, drones, and smart watches, coffee machines with grinder also have certain potential risks.


Coffee machines are mainly divided into coffee machine for home, commercial coffee machine and office coffee maker according to different applications. An espresso coffee maker usually uses a mixture of high-pressure steam and water to quickly pass through the coffee layer and extract coffee in a short time. The coffee produced in this way has a high temperature and contains less impurities.


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But what's the big deal with a mere networked commercial coffee machine? The coffee machine only needs to turn the heater on or off, pour coffee, and connect to the Internet. In view of the simple task of automatic coffee machine, we don't need many powerful scientists to operate it. In fact, in most cases, interns or novice engineers will do. However, the problem lies here.


Let us first look at the four important design issues faced by every device connected to the Internet: safety, protection, cost, and robustness. Novice engineers can reduce development costs as required. Novice engineers can also deal with the basic robustness and safety of switch heaters. But what about protection and safety? Ensuring the security of embedded systems can be a complex issue and should be handled by experts.


However, do networked coffee machines connected to the Internet really need to be protected? What is the worst possible scenario? Are hackers really interested in hacking into a commercial automatic coffee machine? I am convinced that these answers are yes, and the reasons include the following three points:


First, if hackers can control millions of connected coffee machines in a metropolis and turn on their 1,000W heaters at the same time, what will be the consequences? Due to the instantaneous surge in power demand, the grid may be overloaded, and even cause failures, leading to damage and power outages.


Secondly, because it is connected to millions of hacked devices, the Internet may eventually be used to target other Internet-based systems. These systems can be very fragile and even make hackers more interested.


Finally, if millions of people cant come in the morning for a cup of coffee and start the days work, thats not a good thing.


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At present, many companies want to enter this market at low prices as soon as possible, showing that these networked devices and their protection may not be perfect. Engineers are focusing on protecting and improving the reliability of important equipment, but they seldom pay attention to the daily equipment around us, which is also very important. These will pose a major threat to the entire society.


Therefore, whether it is a home espresso machine or a commercial coffee brewer, we should pay attention to its safety and reliability. But you still can find realiable coffee machine in Winwinworld houseware! We have all kinds of certificates to ensure the safty of every product! 

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