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Four Ways to Separate Tea and Water

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Many people taste good tea when they try it in a tea shop, but the tea they make themselves will be bitter and astringent. The reason for this is that the staff of tea shop separates tea and water when making tea, and when we make tea, we rarely notice the separation of tea and water, but directly soak the two together. Therefore, in order to taste a cup of tea with a refreshing fragrance and mellow flavor, the separation of tea water is a key step that cannot be ignored when making tea.



43-water infuser tea bags

The Way of Tea Separation

1. Pour Out the Water

As the name suggests, pour the brewed tea soup into another container. For example, the lid-bowl brewing method and the teapot with infuser brewing method, they all separate the tea by pouring out the water. This is also the most common way to make tea when we drink tea in tea shops, and in tea art performances, they basically use the method of pouring out water.


2. Take Out the Tea Leaves

Concentric cups and three-piece cups are used to separate the tea by taking out the tea leaves. There are also various types of water infuser tea bags. After the tea is brewed, the reusable silicone tea bags are taken out to realize the separation of tea and water. Foreigners are also more particular about making tea. They usually use tea ball infuser to hold tea. After brewing with water, take out the tea leaf infuser with tea to separate the tea and water.


3. Let the Water Flow Out

All kinds of piaoyi cups realize the separation of tea and water by pressing lightly to let the water flow out, and the separation of tea and water is realized. It is simple to use and easy to control the brewing time.


4. Tea Making Machine

The tea making machine generally includes a tea tray set on the top side of the base, a water tank is set below the tea tray and in the base, a reusable tea filter is set on the tea tray. The tea brewing machine can make a cup of delicious tea soup, precisely because of the separation of tea and water.



43-tea leaf infuser

Nowadays, people’s pace of life is generally accelerating. Some people may lament that we don’t have so much time to make tea. In fact, making a good cup of tea can be simple. Among the methods provided above, there are simple and convenient methods. For example, elegant cups or cold fusion tea bags, or tea infusion machines, no matter which method you take, as long as you control the brewing time and achieve the separation of tea and water, we can get a cup of delicious tea soup.


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