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European Tea Drinking History and Standard Afternoon Tea

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It is well known that Europeans love to drink tea. The annual tea consumption in Europe has always been ranked first in the world. The British have also developed the afternoon tea culture to the extreme. The origin of the famous Lipton tea is also related to the love of tea in Europe. At 4pm in the British Isles, everyone stopped immediately because of tea. We are full of curiosity and respect for the popularity of tea drinking in the UK. Tea and teaware set have become a daily necessities in the UK and even the world.



37-sloth tea set

European Tea Drinking History

The history of European tea drinking began in the 17th century of the great voyage. The exact time when the first tea was shipped to Europe was 1606. The Dutch East India Company carried out maritime trade from Xiamen and brought Chinese tea and Chinese teaware sets to Europe. Later, Britain defeated the Netherlands, and in 1669, an agreement was made to prohibit the Netherlands from conducting overseas trade with China. After that, Britain won the right to trade tea in Asia, and traded tea with Xiamen as a distribution center.


The rise of tea consumption in Europe should be thanks to two women, one is Princess Catherine and the other is Mrs. Anna. The British culture of drinking black tea was brought by Princess Catherine of Portugal. When she married Charles II, there was a box of black tea in her dowry. Princess Catherine likes to drink tea, which led the British royal family to accept the magical leaves from the East.


In the early 19th century, in the Victorian era, there was a lady Anna in England, the wife of the Duke of Bedford VII, who had a tea party with friends at three or four o’clock in the afternoon, so afternoon tea became the most fashionable casual socializing among the nobles at that time. She also became the creator of tea etiquette. Many of the ladies who initiated the tea gathering are nobles and have a high social status, so they offer the best things to entertain the guests. She wants to use this to show her identity and taste. In addition to the finest tea leaves, there are also exquisite ceramic teapot with infuser and glass teaware.



37-tea mug infuser set

Standard Afternoon Tea

The standard afternoon tea has three main points, high-quality tea, exquisite English teaware and beautiful display.


The exquisite sloth tea set not only hold the delicious tea, but also make the afternoon scene more exquisite and beautiful. Afternoon tea may not only be for drinking tea, but the happiest time for best friends. What they talked about may seem meaningless to a man, such as who is in love with whom, what clothes to wear at the dinner, who is the focus of the dance and many others, but they have created a beautiful landscape for the city and provided themselves with a Romantic imagination space.



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