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European Black Tea History

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When it comes to black tea, the first thing people think of is the United Kingdom. However, in fact, the Italians and Portuguese are the first to know what tea is in Europe. The taste and fragrance of tea are different from all European herbs. Europeans are be very curious about this mysterious thing that has been transported from an unknown country to thousands of miles. In this article, we will explain the history of European black tea.



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European Black Tea History

Marco Polo, who left Eastern Insights for the world, came to China in 1274 and traveled in China for 17 years. In the meantime, he should have come into contact with tea and should have drunk it, but strangely, there is no relevant record in Eastern Records.


Tea spread to Europe after the 16th century. The Portuguese visited China in 1516 and arrived in Japan in 1543, and they saw the tea culture of the East. A Portuguese missionary recorded that the dignitaries always bring a cup of tea in a loose-leaf tea cups to greet the guests when guests come to visit. The tea has a slightly bitter taste, like a red decoction, which is made from certain herbs.


The Venetian writer La Moxiu compiled Eastern Insights. In addition, he compiled the Navigation Collection based on his own collection of nautical experiences and Chinese intelligence, which was published in 1559. It records what he heard about Chinese tea from a Persian businessman. In China, tea and teaware set are widely used everywhere. The tea tree was born in a place called Sichuan in China. Tea can be drunk directly in a tea strainer teapot with boiling water. It is a high-end beverage. They collected this medicinal plant, dried it first, and boiled it in a teapot and strainer with water. The boiled juice, if you drink a cup or two on an empty stomach, can treat fever, headache, stomach pain, abdominal and joint pain. When taking it, it must be the highest temperature that one can bear.


On the other hand, there are also records of Japanese tea and Japanese teaware. In 1563, as a Jesuit missionary in Japan, Luis Floys, a Portuguese, learned about the Japanese tea culture and customs. He wrote in Comparison of Japanese and European Cultures that foreigners treasured precious stones, gold and silver, while the Japanese treasured ancient cauldron, old pottery, ceramic tea steeper and matcha teaware.



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Only a few Europeans finally encountered tea in the second half of the 16th century. It was at this time that Louis Floys came into contact with the tea ceremony. Tea, conceived of heart, etiquette and national culture, is no longer just a drink. As a result, the information they got about tea spread to all parts of the world as a symbol of Eastern culture. When these messages reached the ears of Europeans, they had been exaggerated a hundred times, inevitably arousing European fantasies, and then Europeans continued to flock to the East in search of this sacred tea.



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