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Do you know the benefits of drinking coffee?

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You may like to drink coffee because you like fancy coffee cups, cartoon coffee cup, exquisite coffee cup, or enjoy the process of using electric coffee grinder, manual coffee grinder, hand coffee grinder to make coffee, but do you know the benefits of drinking coffee?



Coffee may help prevent common bowel problems

According to foreign media reports, a new study found that coffee may help prevent common intestinal health problems such as gallstones, and it can also support beneficial intestinal bacteria that provide various protections to our body. This research was published by the Scientific Information on Coffee Research Institute, which is based on a large number of existing studies. The research content is about the potential health benefits of coffee, such as improving blood sugar, reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease and so on.


It is understood that this study looks at the possible impact of coffee on intestinal health. The report details the link between drinking coffee and reducing the risk of gallstones, which may be partly related to the caffeine contained in coffee beans. Studies have also found that drinking coffee may also have a protective effect on pancreatitis, which is a painful disease in which the pancreas may be inflamed. Although this condition may disappear within a few days, in other cases it may be chronic and even last for several years.



Coffee can effectively relieve gout

The epidemiological observations on gout found that: gout is related to diet and purines in the diet, gout is related to uric acid, and gout is related to excessive mental stress and work stress;


Scientists further studied and found that a substance called methylurate formed by the combination of coffee and uric acid. Potassium-based urate and urate have completely different properties. Not only does it not deposit in the joints, but it also interacts with The combination of uric acid takes uric acid out of the body and plays a role in reducing uric acid.


In addition, coffee, tea and cocoa containing caffeine, theophylline and theobromine are also particularly suitable for people with gout. It should be mentioned that tea contains a certain amount of purine, so it is not suitable for people with gout to drink strong tea.




Why coffee is good for the body

This beneficial effect may be partly due to the effect of coffee on intestinal bacteria, and intestinal bacteria may have certain effects on all diseases such as blood pressure, dementia, heart disease, and insulin. Coffee beans can help support beneficial gut bacteria through the combination of dietary fiber and polyphenols.


Coffee can also help digestion by helping the body release pancreatic juice, stomach acid, and bile. Many coffee drinkers know that coffee can also stimulate bowel movements and help people with constipation maintain better bowel movements.



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