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Do you know coffee brewing skills?

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Coffee grinders have an impact on the flavor of coffee, different coffee grinders such as hand coffee grinder, professional coffee grinder, commercial coffee grinder, top coffee grinders and other coffee making machine produce different coffee powders. Brewing also has a very important impact on coffee flavor. Factors will affect the flavor of brewed coffee, we will introduce the influencing factors of coffee extraction below.



88-1 top coffee grinders

1. The correct water powder ratio

In order to extract intact coffee, the balance between the concentration of the solute and the yield of the solute is important. Because once the balance is changed, it will have a significant impact on the final product. The maximum allowable concentration range is between 1.0 to 1.5% of coffee powder and 99.0 to 98.5% of water. When the coffee concentration is lower than 1%, the taste will be too weak; higher than 1.5%, it will be too strong.


In addition, the highest acceptable extraction rate range is 18-22%, and when it is less than 16%, it is under-extraction, which will produce peanut or grassy flavor. In contrast, if the extraction is too much, it is more than 24%, and a slight bitterness or astringency will occur.



2. Grinding degree in line with extraction time

In order to avoid insufficient or excessive extraction of aroma components, it is necessary to select a suitable extraction method and grinding degree of the tool. Generally speaking, the longer the extraction time, the more suitable for rough grinding; the shorter the time, the finer grinding will be used.


88-2 coffee making machine


3. Correct usage of extraction equipment

Contact time between coffee particles and water

Extraction can be said to be the process of extracting water-soluble components in coffee particles when coffee particles are absorbed by water. Even if the water ratio is changed, the chemical components will continue to be removed from the coffee particles, and the dissolved components will continue to mix and change. Therefore, controlling the extraction time can lead to the most appropriate extraction and more uniform results.


Water temperature

Cold water cannot extract coffee flavor quickly and completely like hot water. When the water temperature is 92~96℃, the aroma components will be released faster and freely, so that other water-soluble components can be extracted more effectively within a reasonable time. Therefore, the temperature must remain constant during the cycle of brewing.



When water passes through coffee particles, mixing occurs, which is known as turbulence. Appropriate agitation helps the water and coffee to contact immediately, that is to say, if the coffee powder is soaked in the beginning, it can help extract more aroma components and dissolved substances.



4. Water quality

In the process of preparing coffee, water is as important as coffee. In fact, the proportion of water in the coffee extract is 98%. Water with a small amount of minerals helps to produce the best beverage taste. Generally speaking, water containing 50-100 ppm of minerals can make the best-tasting beverage. This kind of water tastes fresh, has no peculiar smell, and has no visible debris. It is also very suitable for drinking water.



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