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Do you Know Japan's Contributions to the Development of Coffee?

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When it comes to talking about coffee, the role played by the Japanese cannot be ignored. If the representative of the second generation of specialty coffee, Howard Schultz, the head of Starbucks, is influenced by espresso; then, the representative of the third generation of specialty coffee, the founder of Blue Bottle Coffee James Freeman, who was inspired by Japanese coffee shoppers, brought handmade coffee to the United States. Coincidentally, both Starbucks and Blue Bottle Coffee went to Japan to open their first overseas branches and were successful.


Japan is neither a coffee producing place nor the birthplace of coffee culture. The coffee making method was also learned by Westerners. However, the Japanese quickly began their own creation after mastering the method.



21-1-stainless-steel drinking cups

Instant Coffee

When instant coffee was first invented, modern coffee shops had not yet appeared in Japan. Japanese scientist Kato Kaku, who worked in the United States, began to improve the emerging instant coffee around 1900 and registered a patent.



Coffee Chain

Although Starbucks has a coffee chain business all over the world, the world's first coffee chain series was opened by the Japanese. At the beginning of the last century, the brand had more than 20 branches in Japan and also had its own branch in Shanghai.



Unmanned Sale and Canned Coffee

The Japanese first invented canned coffee in 1969. By the 1970s, vending machines were introduced into the Japanese coffee market, and canned coffee was developed during this period.


Later coffee vending machines have been more advanced. They can make fresh coffee, both hot and cold versions, as well as more refreshed coffee drinks, such as "banana latte". Besides, vending machines was also known for making fresh tea. And until now, coffee and tea vending machine are popular among offices for its convenience.



Innovation and Tradition

Nowadays, to drink coffee in Japan is a bit like going into the coffee experience museum. From retro to trendy, you can see all kinds of brewed coffee, from vintage to trendy. There are also many different kinds of bottles for drinking and making coffee, such as love island bottles, metal water bottles, manna water bottle, gallon water bottle and custom water bottles.



Flannel Brew and Siphon Coffee

For Europeans and Americans, flannel coffee brewing and siphon coffee are outdated. The Japanese not only inherited it, but also continued to improve and retain it to the present.


In today’s coffee shops in Japan, you can easily see these devices that are still in use, even though it takes time and effort to use them.



coffee cup

Hand Brewed Coffee

The Japanese inherited hand-made coffee from Western countries, then developed and manufactured various hand-punching tools, and invented hand-punching methods of different schools.


Nowadays, European and American coffee enthusiasts will look for Japanese-designed appliances and learn from the Japanese when they play retro hand-made coffee.



Coffee Roasting

Europeans and Americans invented deep roasting and shallow roasting. This is a new climax of coffee development, while the Japanese invented Japanese roasts with their own characteristics.



The Japanese create their own coffee culture according to their own cultural characteristics. While developing the coffee industry, it also promotes the development of other industries. For example, exquisite coffee cups become hot products, such as stainless-steel drinking cups, ant hora coffee cup, Turkish tea cup and espresso glass cups. In making coffee, the Japanese method is worth learning from.

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