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Do You Need an Electronic Scale to Make Tea?

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Making a good cup of tea is not a particularly easy task. Sometimes, the tea leaves are obviously taken from the same pot and the same teapot with strainer is used, but the tea soup is too thick or mild. To make a hot tea cup of tea soup with stable flavor, the control of the tea-water ratio is particularly important. In fact, in the field of hand brewing coffee, in order to ensure stability, baristas generally use electronic scales when taking coffee beans. So how to control the amount of tea poured in the tea infuser teapot? Is an electronic scale necessary?


41-traditional Chinese tea cup with lid


Obviously, western-style measurement methods like hand-made coffee are not entirely suitable for tea with an oriental aesthetic. In fact, Chinese tea has always had its own unique measurement method.


The teaspoon described by the tea saint Lu Yu is an artifact for measuring the amount of tea poured into the teapot with strainer inside. The Chinese people seem to have not been particularly interested in abstract numbers. In contrast, our culture prefers concrete and image expression. Therefore, we have such a measuring device as a teaspoon. Using teaspoon as the unit of measurement, this has the same cultural background as the expression of a stick of incense, a cup of tea, and a meal.


In contemporary tea affair, the trace of teaspoon can still be found. Unlike the diverse materials used in the Lu Yu era, today's teaspoons are mostly made of bamboo. With the changes in history, modern teaspoons have also become more widely used. Generally speaking, there are three main uses of teaspoon in tea affairs today, including taking tea leaves, appreciating tea leaves and measuring tea leaves. The responsibility of measuring tea as a teaspoon is most overlooked today. In fact, in modern tea affairs, a teaspoon can completely act as an electronic scale.


Taking a 150ml tea steeper as an example, the amount of tea poured is about 5g. Then, beginners can choose several types of tea they often drink, and first weigh out 5g with an electronic scale. Then put 5g of tea of the same quality and different volume into our own teaspoon to see the location where the quantitative tea leaves are in the teaspoon. 5g of spherical oolong may only occupy a quarter of a teaspoon. But 5g of white tea may take up three-quarters of a teaspoon. Over time, the amount of tea needed can naturally be measured by a teaspoon.



41-teapot with strainer inside

The tea saint Lu Yu not only recorded the tea events of the Tang Dynasty thousands of years ago, but also the Tea Classics written by him contains the aesthetic thoughts of Chinese tea events. From the wind furnace to a small teaspoon, they all contain a unique Eastern aesthetic, both practical and beautiful. If you want to buy teaware online, we recommend winwin-world. Winwin-world is a professional wholesale teaware supplier. As a tea set manufacturer from China, they not only produce traditional Chinese tea sets, such as traditional Chinese tea cup with lid and Chinese tea cups without handles, but also tea sets in various styles.

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