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Do You Know the Temperature Sensor for Coffee Machine?

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In the coffee brewing process, many complex chemical reactions actually occur. The brewing water will continuously extract different acids from the coffee powder, such as chlorogenic acid, acetic acid, and malic acid. Other substances such as caffeine and oil are extracted into the coffee liquid. For example, caffeine and fruit acids are first extracted during brewing, followed by sweet substances, and finally bitter substances. These different reactions all happen at different times. Therefore, professional automatic coffee makers require constant water temperature, stable pump pressure, constant steam pressure and dryness, and convenient operation.


It is understood that the ideal temperature for coffee is between 83°C and 95°C. Coffee itself has certain requirements for temperature, and the temperature of water can directly affect the extraction rate of different substances in coffee. If the water temperature is lower than 83 degrees, the extraction of coffee powder will be insufficient. Conversely, if the temperature exceeds 93 degrees, the coffee will be over-extracted.


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With the development of modern technology and the increasingly mature coffee grinding technology, coffee has become a cultural symbol of people's lives. Good coffee should be kept at the right temperature. And all this is largely due to a good coffee maker. Although the history of pour over coffee maker is only 200 years.


According to legend, in the early twentieth century, Luigu Bezzera, who lived near Naples, Italy, successfully applied for a patent for the coffee machine designed. Because he was impatient with dripping and brewing coffee for too long, he figured out a way to make coffee at high temperature and high pressure to shorten the time during the waiting time, so he invented the world's unique method of fast-conditioning Italian coffee, namely Espresso. Since then, espresso coffee maker has appeared slowly. Both drip coffee machine and espresso coffee maker have their application markets.


One defect of the early coffee boilers was the overheating of the water. To produce steam, the water must be heated to boiling. The pressure in the boiler is higher than atmospheric pressure, and the boiling temperature of water can often reach 110-120℃, which is very unfavorable for coffee extraction. According to the current coffee extraction theory, the reasonable temperature range for coffee extraction is 88-94℃. Above this temperature, the extracted coffee will be bitter and have obvious off-flavors.


In 1906, the Italian Arduino applied for a patent to install a heat exchanger in the machine. The hot water of the boiler passes through a heat exchanger before it touches the coffee powder, which is filled with circulating cold water. Later, a pump was added to solve the problem of insufficient pressure in extraction.


One pain point that the single boiler system has not been able to solve well is the temperature of the water used for brewing coffee. Although a heat exchanger is used, the temperature is simply lowered from the range of 110-120℃, which cannot achieve accurate and stable control of the water temperature. How can this problem be solved fundamentally? The answer is to add another boiler, so there is a double boiler system. From this knowledge level, the double boiler espresso machine also came into being.


The double boiler coffee machine is independent of the steam boiler and extraction boiler. The large boiler is responsible for steam and hot water for making tea, and the small boiler is responsible for the hot water extracted by the brewing head.


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Both double-boiler and multi-boiler coffee machines can set the extraction temperature arbitrarily by adjusting the temperature of the boiler. However, the multi-boiler coffee machine can control the temperature more accurately than the double boiler, and the constant temperature effect can still be achieved when a large number of products are produced. The constant temperature can not only extract the essence of coffee, ensure the taste of coffee, but also indirectly improve the quality of coffee.


The coffee machines we use daily mainly include built in coffee machine, aeropress coffee maker and smart coffee maker, etc. In the process of daily use, the coffee machine will occasionally show the red light and yellow light on the main screen of the coffee machine. To a large extent, this is related to the failure of the low-quality temperature sensor on the main board of the coffee machine.


In short, professional coffee machines require constant water temperature, stable pump pressure, constant steam pressure and dryness. If you want to know more professional temperature sensors for coffee machines, please consult the customer service staff of the company (Winwinworld Housewares CO., LTD.).

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