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Do You Know These 12 Vintage Coffee Machines?

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Although more people will choose tea as their daily beverage nowadays, for the public, especially designers, coffee is more important. Whether it is a hand coffee maker, an electric coffee percolator or an automatic coffee machine, which one can make your coffee beans get the most sublimation?

The coffee maker machine applies electronic technology to the coffee machine to automate the coffee making process. These processes include grinding, pressing, filling, brewing, and removing residues. The world-famous brands of Italian espresso, cappuccino, and latte milk coffee all require special coffee machines to make. These special coffee machines mainly include espresso coffee machine, cappuccino coffee maker and latte coffee machine.


When the pressure of the coffee machine reaches 20 Pa, it will force the hot water (90°C) to pass through the coffee powder, and absorb and fully dissolve the coffee fat and other aromatic substances in the coffee powder. The whole process is a materialization process, and the time is very short, it takes another 18-28 seconds to complete. Therefore, a cup of high-quality coffee is inseparable from the role of a good coffee grinder and brewer.


Below I mainly introduce the brewing and roasting skills of twelve vintage coffee machines. The appearance of these coffee machines is as beautiful and delicious as the coffee it creates.


9-1-hand coffee maker

Trinity ONE Coffee Machine


The coffee machine made of stainless steel and black walnut vividly tells us its competitiveness. It has multiple coffee making functions, such as air pressure, cold brewing, etc., allowing consumers to make coffee with different flavors.


Chemex Ottomatic Coffee Machine


You can use this new type of brew coffee maker to choose hand-brewed coffee, and you can use the machine to precisely control the temperature to automatically brew delicious coffee for you.


Moka Pot Coffee Maker


The electric coffee pot designed and produced by designer Joros is inspired by speakers and automatic watering flower pots to create a brand-new moka pot.


Dutch Lab Bubbler


Does anyone want a cold brewed Dutch coffee? The taste of coffee is as touching as the cold brewer design.


Gino&Lino Drip Pot Set


Small and concise is its biggest feature, it can be easily used anywhere. It is the perfect match with baked biscuits!


KitchenAid Coffee Machine


The eye-catching transparent glass sphere allows people to enjoy the entire coffee making process.


Ikawa Coffee Machine


This coffee machine can be directly linked to the consumer's smartphone device. The degree of roasting of coffee beans can be selected by personal preference. Then the smart phone monitors the entire coffee brewing process.


9-2-automatic coffee machine

Poppy Coffee Machine


Subjectively speaking, this all-round coffee machine is the best design. The coffee machine can control the water temperature, the size of the grind and set the brewing time.


BKON Craft Coffee Machine

This negative pressure extraction technology can increase the control of the extraction by controlling the vacuum intensity, vacuum time, and vacuum frequency. It can be perfect for making coffee, tea, fruit juice and even wine!


Wilfa Precision Coffee Machine


Although this coffee machine was born in 2013, it has only recently begun to be put into the market. Designed by world barista champion Tim Wendelboe, the biggest feature of this coffee machine is that the water temperature can reach the perfect temperature before the coffee is brewed.


Ratio Coffee Machine


The body is made of gorgeous materials, and the laboratory-grade silicate glass bottle is sealed with natural cork. Such advanced materials will definitely bring a different experience to your coffee.


Cold Bruer Coffee Machine


Cold brew coffee lovers can use this coffee machine to adjust the brewing time ranging from 3-12 hours.


Do so many good coffee machine designs make your caffeine surging up? Let us choose our coffee machine and go further on the journey of tasting coffee!

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