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Do You Know How to Arrange the Tea Table?

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The design of the tea table must not be separated from the tradition, but must also conform to the laws of modern people's behavior. A well-designed tea table is not only a platform for tea artisans to give full play to their rich imagination, but also a space for them to express their life attitude and mental state.



40-traditional Chinese tea cups with lid

Tea Table Composition

The tea table is mainly composed of two parts. One is the utensils with actual brewing and drinking functions, including water boilers, tea infusers, tea homogenizers, Chinese tea cups without handles, lids, tea strainer, cup holders, tea rules, tea spoons, water bowls, and tea towels. The second is decorative objects that illuminate the theme of the tea table and deepen the aesthetic experience, including mat cloth, flower ware, camellia, incense and so on.



Arrangement of the Tea Table

The placement of the tea table needs to be carefully designed. The design of the tea table should be both beautiful and poetic. The left-hand tea table is the most basic and standard layout among the tea table.


The left-hand seat means the layout of the tea table where the left hand holds the teapot with infuser for filling water, and the right holds the tea maker to make the soup. According to the direction of the hand holding the teapot with strainer, it is named the left or right hand tea table.


The most basic requirement of the left-hand seat is that the tea steeper is placed on the left side of the tea maker. It can be placed on the table or on a short stool next to the table. The glass teapot with infuser is placed in the center in front of the tea maker with the handle on the right. The fair cup is placed on the front right side of the tea maker, at an angle of about 30°. This golden angle is also designed for the convenience of operation. In the same way, the water bowl containing the discarded water is placed farther to the right of the tea maker to facilitate the disposal of discarded tea.


The placement of some small props is relatively free, but attention should be paid to the visual balance of the tea table and the convenience of operation. For example, the fine tea strainer and tea are placed on the left side of the central area, and the cover and tea towel are placed on the right. The traditional Chinese tea cups with lid are placed in a row in front of the guests for easy access.


40-fine tea strainer


The basic tea table layout seems simple, but in fact it is not so simple to arrange it by copying. The distance between each tea set and the subtle angle will affect the beauty of the tea table. The collocation of materials, sizes and colors of tea sets are also very particular. If you need to buy teaware online, we recommend winwin-world. Winwin-world is a professional tea set supplier whose products are beautiful and practical, exported to countries all over the world, and received wide acclaim.

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