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Chrysanthemum and Chinese Wolfberry in Thermos Cup

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Chinese wolfberry and chrysanthemum are two kinds of Chinese medicine that we are familiar with, which can be put into the best thermos flask for drinking.


Chinese Wolfberry


Chinese wolfberry is a kind of tonic and traditional Chinese medicine believes that it has the functions of nourishing the kidney, moistening the lung, tonifying the liver, and eyesight, which can treat dizziness, low back pain, leg pain, and fatigue by making tea in a thermos flask water bottle.


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Health Care Function of Chinese Wolfberry


Modern medical research shows that Chinese wolfberry has a strong health care effect, which is mainly reflected in delaying aging. Chinese wolfberry is rich in matrimony vine polysaccharide, carotene, vitamin E, etc., all of which have good antioxidant effect. At the same time, they can resist the damage of free radicals to human body and help to delay aging.

Chinese wolfberry can nourish the liver and kidney with the help of thermos flasks 2L, so it can enhance human immunity and fight against aging.

Chinese wolfberry can prevent myopia because matrimony vine polysaccharide can improve vision, which has a certain effect on some eye problems, such as visual impairment. If the dry and itchy of eyes is due to liver and kidney yin deficiency, Chinese wolfberry can also play a certain therapeutic role.

Chinese wolfberry can promote liver cell repair if you often drink wolfberry tea in a thermos flask for tea.

Chinese wolfberry can improve skin metabolism, freckle, and reduce skin cell oxidation function, which is also a good cosmetic product in the stainless-steel vacuum flask.

Chinese wolfberry has the effect of improving immunity due to Chinese wolfberry polysaccharide, which can stimulate the proliferation of human immune cells and promote the recovery of hematopoietic function to improve immunity.


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How to Eat Chinese Wolfberry?


Chewing can absorb all nutrients because it can promote saliva secretion, which can promote digestion. Of course, eating wolfberry leaves has some other precautions.


Chinese wolfberry can nourish yin and moisten dryness, so it is not suitable for people with spleen deficiency and loose stool;

Emergency patients with a cold fever, body inflammation, or diarrhea should not eat Chinese wolfberry. People with weak physique and poor resistance can drink wolfberry tea in the best vacuum flask but the daily consumption should be as small as possible, which should be long-term adherence to consumption.

Generally speaking, healthy adults should eat about 20 grams of wolfberry every day.





Chrysanthemum is also the most common Chinese herbal medicine in the thermos vacuum flask, which is the dried flower head of plants. From September to November, we can harvest them in batches by drying in the shade, baking, smoking, and steaming when the flowers are in full bloom. According to different producing areas and processing methods, the medicinal materials can be divided into " Chu-Chrysanthemum", " Bo-Chrysanthemum", "Gong-Chrysanthemum", "Huai-Chrysanthemum " and "Hang-Chrysanthemum ".




Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Chu-Chrysanthemum's effect is partial to positive, which has a good therapeutic effect on headache and dizziness. Chu-Chrysanthemum also has effect on headache, dizziness, eye swelling, and pain when drinking water in the thermos vacuum insulated bottle or making medicine pillow.




Bo-Chrysanthemum has the medicinal effects of heat dissipation, eyesight, and heat relieving, whose main advantages are dispersing wind, radiating heat, relieving heat, and improving eyesight. As a kind of medicinal Chrysanthemum used in spring and summer, appropriate amount of Bo-Chrysanthemum and rock sugar in the stainless steel thermos flask can cure wind heat and cold, while Bo-Chrysanthemum and rice porridge can prevent heatstroke.




According to traditional Chinese medicine, Huangshan Gong-Chrysanthemum has the effects of clearing liver, eyesight, expelling pathogenic, reducing fire, and relieving exterior symptoms, which is suitable for vigorous fire, astringent eyes, swelling, and toxin, etc. Huangshan Gong-Chrysanthemum can obviously reduce eye fatigue and improve eyesight, which is also a medicinal Chrysanthemum variety for medicinal tea of the small thermos bottle

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