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Can the Coffee Machine Completely Replace the Barista?

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For more than a century, the practical coffee brewer has been the essence of coffee shops. The barista has become a non-existent existence outside the coffee industry. As coffee machines become more advanced and customers demand higher coffee quality, what roles do coffee machines and baristas play? Nowadays, there are many types of coffee machines, including coffee maker with grinder, espresso coffee maker and cold brew coffee maker.


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The Importance of a Skilled Barista


The job of a barista is more than just pressing the buttons on the smart coffee maker. They need to understand the extraction of coffee and be able to solve the problems encountered during the extraction process. They are responsible for the cleaning and daily maintenance of coffee machines, coffee bean grinders, personalized coffee tumblers and other equipment. They want to be able to pass milk and garland. They also need to provide excellent customer service to ensure customer satisfaction and repurchase rates.


The baristas work together as a team, mentoring and motivating each other, and thus create a positive, optimistic and cheerful store environment. They keep the bar and dining table clean, and check whether there are enough napkins, stir sticks, sugar packets, etc. on the pick-up table.


A skilled barista does not just provide coffee, he or she strives to meet the needs of all customers and ensure the smooth operation of the coffee shop.


Convenience of Coffee Machine


With the continuous innovation of technology, today's commercial espresso machines have an impressive series of functions. For example, a barista can use an app to make the water temperature accurate to 0.1ºC. These new technologies not only improve efficiency, but also improve the consistency of coffee production and reduce the possibility of errors.


Electronic scales can help baristas improve the consistency and accuracy of drinks by controlling the production parameters. Some baristas use the scale on the shot cup to estimate the amount of espresso flowing from the brewing head, but this is not accurate. The scale is calculated using volume rather than weight. Using volume is an inaccurate way of measuring. Because espresso contains both coffee liquid and crema. The content of crema changes with the freshness of the beans, so the volume cannot accurately represent the weight of the coffee liquid.


The powder distributor helps the coffee powder to be evenly distributed in the powder bowl, preventing the partial powder problem during the extraction process. The industrial coffee grinder can guarantee the same force in all directions and every time. This greatly improves consistency and is very helpful for experienced and inexperienced baristas. Moreover, automatic coffee grinder also greatly reduces the physical exertion of the baristas and the body damage that may be caused by repetitive actions.


An espresso machine is a beautiful piece of art, but how much influence does it have on the work process of a barista? Some coffee machines can measure and control the water flow of the brewing head. This means that the barista can control the extraction more precisely. Any coffee machine that can modify the parameters can reduce the workload of the barista.


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Can a Good Coffee Machine Replace a Barista?


From coffee making robots to automatic latte coffee machines, there are more and more options on the market that can completely replace the work of baristas. Does this mean that the barista will be completely replaced?


As we all know, the job of a barista is more than just making a good cup of espresso. This is even more a career with warmth. While recommending delicious drinks to customers, it also participates in the customer experience.


The best option is to have a very capable barista operate a first-class coffee machine. A good coffee opportunity makes the work of a barista easier, and a strong barista can make full use of all the features provided by the coffee machine. In order to pursue high-quality coffee and excellent customer service, both the coffee machine and the barista are indispensable.


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